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    Please Excuse the typos......

    Starts off with a mother who says her 2 year old son was screaming, "Don't let them take me away.

    CPS gave them parenting guides when they were sent back to the ranch.

    Woman at Ranch "....As if we don't know how to be parents......."

    Greg Abott Attorney General for Texas "From the inforamtion I have we will see if it is true, children removed from there mothers when they were born, some don't even know there mothers."

    Flora Jessop, was one of the first to sound the alarm. When FLDS moved into Texas. "..... wide spread systamatic abuse"

    Flora left when she was 17 and ever since has encourage others to leave. She says there were several instances where children were forced to marry, bear children at a very young age. Its terrorism hiding behind religion.

    This all started when a caller called age 16 calling from YFZ, saying she was being abused, raped, and beat by a much older man.

    Richard Jessop says his family was having a night of signing and storytelling. "they knocked on the door, I told the family to keep on signing."

    Mothers were told " if we left we couldn't come back to our children"

    Greg Abott Atorney General for Texas ----- "This is something that CPS deals with all the time, When they find that a child is in a home of 4 children where 1 has been sexually assaulted, they remove all 4 to make sure they are removed from the zone of danger. This happened to be a home of 400 kids."

    Legal aid attorney saying that civil rights were broken.

    "This is not about religion, this is about keeping children safe." CPS Director

    The woman thought they had more time, they hoped to stay in the same placement as there children.

    They claim they were told that they could go to a shelter, or back to the ranch. But if they chose the ranch, they may never see there children again.

    Forty woman decided to go to a safe location. Seven returned home

    They invited us into the ranch. "We are just like a normal american family."

    The temple of Yearning for Zion... Here is where the state claims there was a pattern of persuasive sexual acts.

    "We try to focus on the natural foods, whole foods, organic foods." Richard Jessop

    "They have wronged us, we are peaceful people.We have enemies, people that have been here at one point Evidence was ceased from all the homes, precious photos, and papers were taken." Richard Jessop

    "Our community has lost its temple, Authorities used hydraulic tools, to force there way in there cease documents.. As far as I am concerned you can burn the building down. We beleive that the precense of god is in that building. And when it is desecrated, it is useless." Richard Jessop

    Authorities took notice of the bed. Bed linens disturbed. Strand of womans hair on the pillow. Used for some sex ceromony where they deflower young bbrides.

    "To me that is so disgusting that some inworld mind can imply there mentality to it. In the temple theres fasting, and praying. It is just not that uncommon for someone to get fatigued and have to lie down." Richard Jessop

    Allegations that it happened here. Sexual abuse of young girls and woman. And illigal forced marriages

    "It was a religious believe to sexually assault a young girl once she has reached puberty. That is simply unacceptable." Greg Abott Atorney General for Texas

    Thing is says Richard, "noone here would accept that here either, Well I would invite him to go into his very own community, and scoop up 400 people, ransack there closets, take every record and scrutinize it."

    They found a few problems here?? Reporter

    "Thats there allegations, Theres no abuse period, theres healthy happy children, and they all have been snuffed away." Richard Jessop

    Instead he said, the outside world focus only on there practice of plural marriage, Everyone wants to know how many wives a husband has. A question that Richard, himself doesn't want to answer.

    During the long weeks in the colisium, Maureen and the other woman were not allowed to communicate with there husband. We have not been served with ANY papers, We don't know what we are charged with.

    Maureen recounts what it was like in the coliseum

    "We were on the concrete floor,rows and rows of beds. We have been taken from our nice clean homes, one child coughs, and everyone gets sick I don't think CPS had what was best for the children in mind when they did this." Maureen (woman at the ranch)

    She spoke in a frightened whisper, married to a middle age man, who forced himself on to her sexually, while another woman held her infant child down.

    FLDS thinks it's a setup, there is no victim, nothing remotley close resembles the allegations on what the authorities came to investigate.

    In late march the very same time wife number 7 called the texas shelter requesting help. Someone was also calling Flora Jessop claiming to be from the arizona compound, claiming to be 16 and pregant also wanting help..

    "Everything she said rang absolutly true to me She is very believeable, she sounds like an injured child when she makes these calls."

    But something didn't sound right Flora decided to record these calls. She spent some 40 hours on the phone with her before she was able to coax her real name out.

    "I am still haveing a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that a 33 year old woman was making the calls to me." Flora Jessop

    Is it possible that the same 33 year old woman was the one that made the calls to the Texas Shelter?? Did she fool them, into beleiveing that she was a 16 year old abused mother. Reporter

    Jessop says "It doesn't matter, even if the calls that initiated the raid on the YFZ ranch was a fraud, the state of Texas made the right mpove. They still did the right thing, because what they found once they entered the compoind was absolutly valid. The men inside the FLDS are predators.

    EWhat did the state investigation uncover??? Reporter

    20 minors that were impregnanted between the ages of 13-16
    Rob parker atorny for the FLDS claims the case of the 13 year old occured in a different state. And only one teen was found to be pregnant.

    Parker insists the state is not only wrong, but violated its boundaries, in the worst possible way. Its unconstitutional, its cruel , and very un humane.

    Whats to prevent this religion from feeling like you are persecuting them?? Reporter to Greg Abbot

    Greg Abott " The laws in texas are clear, you cannot have sex with a girl who is underage, you can not marry off a girl who is underage, It doesn't matter what there religious practices are, you can not sexually assault a young child."

    "What if what you are saying is not factually correct you have removed all these kids." Reporter

    "If it turns out to be untrue, the children will be placed back with there parents." Greg Abott

    "We don't know why we got caught up with this other then our religion, they haven 't proved anything." Man on ranch.

    Recapped by Ladybass
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    Thank you for all your hard work, Ladybass! :blowkiss:

    Keith Morrison sounded very sympathetic and pointed out that those he interviewed claimed, "We're just a normal American family"!

    :eek: in denial much?

    What really got me was when the guy (Rich) was being interviewed after showing Morrisson around the house, Morrison brings up the issue of plural marriage

    "MORRISON: Instead, he says, the outside world seems to focus only on their practice of plural marriage, and all anyone wants to know is how many wives they have. It’s a question he himself did not wish to answer.

    Rich: Well, that's kind of a stupid question. I think the media, the public knows the way we live."

    Okay then. We know. Now the State of Texas knows.
    So what is Texas gonna do about it?

    I just finished watching it (7pm on the left coast), and at the end they mentioned this link that includes video clips and a transcript @
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    Ladybass thank you for the recap:).

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    Thanks LadyBass!!

    Our community has lost its temple, Authorities used hydraulic tools, to force there way in there cease documents.. As far as I am concerned you can burn the building down. We beleive that the precense of god is in that building. And when it is desecrated, it is useless." Richard Jessop
    Yeah, I can see them burning down an 80 million dollar asset. :waitasec:
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    ROFL!!! If they could do it and blame it on the State of Texas, I think they would!

    Hydraulic tools= They are called the jaws of life. Jaws of life are used to remove car doors in auto accidents. They do do a small amount of damage, but only to the area they are being used on.
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    Thanks Ladybass!

    I got preoccupied and forgot completely about Dateline until long after it was over, so I really appreciate the recap.
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    I thought they used a drill too... seventy safes, and remember the "furnace" or crematorium that was referenced in articles? I saw another one that said that "furnace" was built into the temple, not into a business.

    "Oops, sorry Warren, but I got mad and stoked up the furnace and the 80 mil investment just went whoosh!" :rolleyes:

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