David Bowie hit in the eye by lollipop

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    OSLO, Norway (AP) -- Halfway through his third song at a Norwegian music festival, an object came flying out of the crowd and hit David Bowie in the eye.

    It was a lollipop, probably sent as a message of adoration since Norwegians call the hard candy "love on a stick."

    Bowie wasn't seriously injured at Friday's Norwegian Wood Festival in Oslo. He backed off the runway, hunched over, and was assisted by his set crew.

    Within moments, he was facing the crowd of 7,500. Swearing at the unknown culprit, Bowie said he only had one good eye. The other eye had been damaged in a childhood fight.

    "Lucky you hit the bad one," Bowie said, demanding to know who threw the lollipop. No one standing in the cold and drizzle came forward.

    Bowie grumbled about the person or persons responsible hiding in the crowd. Then, regaining his composure and sense of humor, the 57-year-old singer said he was going to punish the audience by making the concert extra-long.

    Later, during what the Norwegian media called one of his best concerts ever, Bowie continued to joke about the incident. He threw one of his guitar picks into the crowd, then asked if he'd hit someone in the eye.

    "Oh, maybe I have to hide in the band," he joked.

    Norwegian newspapers tracked down a young woman who claimed to be behind the mishap. They didn't publish her name, but said she claimed it was an accident

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    Did it hit him in the blue eye, or the green eye? Glad he was OK.

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