KY David DeWayne Bell (18) - Owensboro KY, 1986

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    David DeWayne Bell

    Endangered Missing from Owensboro, Kentucky since July 11, 1986

    Age: 18 -- Height: 5'8" -- Weight: 130 lbs -- Hair Color: Blonde -- Eye Color: Brown

    David usually goes by his middle name, DeWayne. He has a burn scar. He has a tattoo of his initials DB on his right arm.

    David was last seen in Owensboro, Kentucky on July 11, 1986.

    In the summer of 1986, three young people vanished from Daviess County, Kentucky without a trace. A man with a long criminal history knew all three victims - John Reneer. Reneer's house was known in the 1980's as a place, where the younger crowd would hang out. His son was close in age to those later missing. David and David's father worked for Reneer.

    When new detectives picked up the case and had a renewed interest in Reneer, he also had an interest in talking to them. Reneer claims David confessed to him that he killed both girls shortly before David himself disappeared. Reneer says David also admitted killing another woman and her child from Tennessee. Days later, David disappeared.

    Authorities say the polygraph indicates Reneer's account of what happened was truthful. However, he is still considered a person of interest.

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