DC - Mary Baker, 31, Washington DC, 12 April 1930

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    Mary Baker - Beaten and shot to death April 1930, Washington, DC

    Mary Baker worked in Washington DC as a civilian government employee of the Navy Department. She was a young, unmarried woman in her 20''s.

    In April of 1930, she attended Lenten Services at the Episcoplal Church of the Epiphany, 1317 G Street Northwest, Washington DC. She left the church about 6PM that evening in her automobile, but never reached home. She did not show up at work the next morning.

    Her bloodstained car was found across the Potomac River in Virginia, on Cemetery Road, near Arlington National Cemetery. Her body was found nearby, stuffed into a drainage culvert. She had been beaten, strangled and shot three times.

    Arlington County Police, Virginia State Police, Washington Metropolitan Police, The Department of Justice, and the Navy Department began a joint investigation into Mary's murder.

    A dozen men were questioned, but one man - a Virginia Real Estate agent - became the focus of the investigation. He had inserted himself into the investigation for publicity and got more than he wanted. He produced the "murder gun" and told an untrue story of how he found it. He was tried, but acquitted.

    The case remains unsolved.


    http://fultonhistory.com/Newspaper ...e NY Morning Herald 1936 Grayscale - 1154.pdf
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