Deborah Polisano testimony (Cindy's supervisor at Gentiva)

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    In March of 2008 she was a nurse and director for Gentiva in Winter Park. She was director of clinical management, responsible for clinical, field and supervisor staff. She ran the office. She supervised 20 to 25 office people.

    She knows CA. She was her supervisor in 2008. There were clinical teams and she was responsible for oversight of that, their performance.

    CA's job was a manager of clinical practice. She had a team of field staff who worked under her, a census of patients, and she was responsible for the clinical aspects. It was an office job. She was not required to leave the office to perform the job. She had a cubicle. She was salaried, didn't punch a clock. They logged in and logged out. Typically, lunch was a half an hour to an hour. If a salaried employee needed to run out to the store, they wouldn't necessarily need to log out of the computer. The computer would lock itself.

    When she came to work, she would log on with her user name and personal password. Each employee would log on when they got to work because it would be hard to do any work if you didn't.

    Automatically log out - the computer would log out after 15 minutes of inactivity.

    CA was a capable employee who worked hard. She did not take 2-3 hour lunches. If any employee was gone for any extended period of time while she was supervising them, she would have to do their job.

    Could anyone use another's work station if they wanted to. They could use the computer if it wasn't locked to someone else's user ID. It was important for record purposes that the computer reflect who was putting in the info. It is against policy to use someone else's account. It was a HIPPA compliance issue.

    During March of 2008 CA did not have the capability to work from home. She could not log into her Gentiva account from a laptop or via a desk top or VPN account.

    Theoretically, she could fix someone's time card. She has never done that and did not do it for CA.

    State's 318 - Time Card History report of CA - published. She has seen this before.

    3/14 - PTO - paid time off - a paid day off 8:00 to 16:00 - shows 8 hours account for the time off.

    3/17 - she arrived at 8:00 (when she actually logged on to computer) then signing off at 18:00 for a total of 10 hours.

    3/21 - she had a total of 9.50 hours.

    The final time card was approved by her. It is computerized and comes to her on a Tuesday morning. She checks everyone's time for accuracy. If anything is missing, there is a little red icon and a place to send an email. She then approves them and they go directly to payroll.

    Salaried means you can be expected to occasionally work more than 40 hours a week. They did not necessarily get comp time. There was never an occasion for CA to be at home, yet actually logged in as working. That would be illegal to do.

    She believes there is a Bank of America on Aloma - not far from the office - the next street over and down a few blocks.


    Employees can run errands in the middle of the day if they need to.

    Were you shown a Bank of America receipt by CA?



    Did they show you anything from Bank of America?



    If someone had to go to the dentist or doctor,

    On July 15, 2008 CA had to go to the tow yard and had to leave work in the middle of the day. She doesn't know how long she was gone.

    OBJECTION - beyond scope - OVERRULED

    She was possibly gone an hour and a half or two hours. It was late afternoon.

    She has not reviewed her computer records for that date. She was working on her computer when she left and she worked on it when she came back.

    There was quite a bit of commotion when CA came back. She then went back to her computer. She agreed she had to force CA to leave and go home and take care of her persona problems. She wanted to stay.


    If she needed to do another employee's work, she would do it under her password.

    Witness excused at 2:50
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    State calls Debrorah polisano....w/Mr George....nurse and director for Gentiva Health center....role director of clinical management...responsible for clinical staff and supervisory staff in the the many people supervise ...20-25 ...know CA ,..worked @ gentiva in 2008....supervisor....responsible for oversite clicinal teams, job performance, job evaluations, back in 3/2008 CA job was Clinical Manager Practice...had a team worked under ....patients assigned to her and responsible for clinical documents job....did not have to leave work to perform work.....salary employee no punch clock ....every employee log in and log out once they arrived and much time allowed for lunch probably half hour or hour....if salaried employee ran to drug store to pick something....necessarily not have to log would log itself...had to follow same procedure as CA did ...user name assigned and password and ea employee required to log on...hard to do any work without logging on....first have to be logged on....log out auto- once logged on period of time computer shut down or log out after not used.....15 min is best estimate....system will still runn but cant use that particular work station without relogging on....capable employee...CA didn't take 2 - 3 hour lunches....if gone for any extended period of time ...generally DP would do the work if someone gone...tough boss? no but expected people to do their jobs....CA had own work station cubicle...could anyone else use that if they could but you would have to log in with your log in...

    did CA have the capability to work from home? couldn't log on to Gentiva from home computer/desk top or any other ....NO
    possible for you to fix someone else time card? theoretically possible yes but never did thta for CA or anyone....
    publish previously marked 3/18 time card history report of CA publish...recognize time card history report seen this before...go down to 3/14 PTo is paid time off....arrive 8 am work til 16:00 total 8 hrs...why do that ? salary employee....we just have to put that in for time hours for the PTO....on 3/17 time card reflects arrive 8:00 am arrive onto computer with user name and password worked 10 hours on 17th.....on 21st time card worked that day for total of 9.50 hours...time card in final form approved by DP...computerized paperless system...comes to me on Tues morning check everyone time accuracy....anything missing and email if those indicated and ask please complete your time...then I approve and goes to more than 40 hour week...would you get comp time? not necessarily.....ever a time you worked for CA she woudl be allowed to be @ home for comp time and you worked for her? no illegal to of american nearby? on aloma next street over and down a few further questions...

    cross of Ms. Politano
    employees are allowed to run errands during the work day....Mr. George asked you about a bank of America....did they show anything to do with Bank of America having to do with CA (object-overrule) running errands -sometimes people go to Dr and Dentist - you would have to do their job....if patient call in someone has to be there to answer phone....on 7/15/08 CA had to leave to go to tow long she gone? (objcet month of Mar...overrule) how many hours she gone approx? probably an hour and half maybe 2 at most ....don't remember exact....sometime late afternoon if I can recall...have you reviewed computer records for 7/15/08 logged on or off on computer when left and when came back...she left and came back big commotion about the car and all that....she went back to computer you had to force her to leave to take care of personal....she wanted to leave...yes...

    Mr. G...if circumstances arrose work under CA work you would work under your own password? oh yeah on my own computer...
    witness excused.

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