Demoted fireman sues, complains of sex at station

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    Demoted fireman sues, complains of sex at station

    Kansas City — Several Kansas City firefighters had sex at a fire station with female visitors, with a superior sometimes watching them, according to a lawsuit by a firefighter who says he was threatened, suspended and demoted after complaining.
    Raymond Littrell filed the suit this week in U.S. District Court against the city and Fire Chief Richard "Smokey" Dyer. Littrell, who said he was reduced to an entry-level firefighter position, seeks unspecified actual and punitive damages and reinstatement to his former job as an apparatus operator.

    Littrell, reached while at work Wednesday, said he could not comment while on duty.

    In a statement, Dyer said, "The allegations included in this complaint involve multiple personnel issues that have been addressed by the Fire Department and are a closed record. No further comment will be made by the Fire Department."

    The lawsuit said Littrell complained to his battalion chief in November 2002 that a woman who had been having sex with several male firefighters at the Westport station threatened to call his wife and "expose what was going on at Station 19" if Littrell wouldn't repair her vehicle.

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