Demystifying Thread Titles & Player Initials

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    As time permits I am updating thread titles to replace initials with first names. I'm doing this because the search function will not find a thread title for something as short as two letters (e.g. "KC"), but, it will find a thread title for a name (e.g. "Casey").

    Note that the same search function limitation is true within posts, however, I don't plan to be spending time on that :D You may want to consider it though when you create posts. Firstnames (incl. last initial if the name isn't unique) vs. initials should be easier to find in the future.

    In some instances I will shorten titles by removing extraneous words, etc.

    The objective is to make the forum easier to search for everyone, and easier to understand for newer members.

    If you are a thread originator and you notice a thread title update that you believe changes your original intent/meaning, please let me know.

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    what do the letters ica mean?
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    ICA = Inmate Casey Anthony

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