Denissa Morgan Discusses her Mother's Death

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    Wait until you hearDennisa Morgan's story alleging her father killed her mother yet, the police blew off the real evidence and took her father's side that her mother Martha committed suicide. Not only is the lack of police work appalling the evidence is shockingly easy to understand and it DOES NOT point to suicide.

    If you want to skip right to Dennisa's interview is around 10 to 12 minutes into the show.

    But first, we discuss the case of missing Lucas Hernandez. An adorable 5-year old who has been missing since Feb.17th. Emily Glass, the stepmother to Lucas was the last one to see him. She is now under arrest for two counts of child endangerment. One count for her child and one for Lucas. Where is Lucas Hernandez?

    Our second story we discuss what was supposed to happen when a tip came into the FBI tip line warning the law enforcement agency that Nikolas Cruz was about to commit a school shooting. The tip had all the right information that should have started the wheels in motion to get Cruz off the streets but that didn't happen. We talk to former FBI agent Juan Becerra who explains what should have happened when the call came in.

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