Detroit - More than 60 schools closed due to teacher sickout

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    More than 60 DPS schools closed due to teacher sickout

    James David Dickson, The Detroit News 7:06 a.m. EST January 11, 2016

    Detroit — More than 60 public schools in the city — more than half the district — are closed Monday morning, as rolling teacher sickouts continue to move through Michigan’s largest school district, Detroit Public Schools spokeswoman Michelle Zdrodowski confirmed.

    Teachers are upset by large class sizes, pay and benefit concessions, and a state plan to create a new, debt-free Detroit school district.

    Last week, five public schools in Detroit were closed due to sickouts, including at Cass Tech, Renaissance and Martin Luther King Jr. high schools. Those closures affected some 6,700 students. The district has 46,325 students in its 107 school buildings...
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