Dial B for Bizarre Bank Robbery

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    Police say a Hampton man tricked acquaintances into driving him to rob a bank, came out with cash and a dye pack that exploded, and then ran off to pay his cell phone bill with dyed bills - in the same shopping center.

    Then he got away.

    Hampton police are searching for 44-year-old David Wescott of Hampton, suspected in Saturday's robbery of a Wachovia Bank branch in Todd Shopping Center on West Mercury Boulevard .

    Police, responding to the 9:39 a.m. robbery, gave this account:

    After officers arrived, two of Wescott's friends told police that they first gave Wescott a ride to another bank, where his ATM card wouldn't work. The acquaintances said they then drove Wescott to the Wachovia, where they were told that he wanted to open an account.

    Police said the suspect ordered a teller to hand over money. The cash included a red-dye pack that explodes after a suspect leaves the bank.

    The suspect left in the car with his acquaintances, but the occupants got out when the dye pack exploded, police said.

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