Didn't 'Gigli' Teach Them Anything?Lopez and hubby on the big screen

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    Madonna crashed and burned 20 years ago when she starred with her first husband, Sean Penn, in "Shanghai Surprise." In 2002, she flopped again, playing the lead in a remake of the Italian classic "Swept Away" directed by her husband Guy Ritchie.

    Now Jennifer Lopez, who famously fell flat starring with former fiancé Ben Affleck in "Gigli" and "Jersey Girl," is at it again. She just finished filming "El Cantante" with her third husband, singer Marc Anthony.

    But after so many duds, why do celebrities like Madge and J-Lo continue to make movies with their off-screen flames?

    "For J-Lo, she probably does want to make money, but for some reason she just keeps making these terrible films," said Felicity Loughrey, the New York contributor for Australian Vogue.

    It seems that on-screen magic most often happens between couples while they are falling in love, not after the fact.

    "El Cantante" follows the career of Puerto Rican salsa "bad boy" Hector Lavoe. Anthony, himself a salsa singer, plays the troubled Lavoe, who died in 1993 after a rocky career rife with drug abuse. Lopez is producing as well as starring in the film.

    "It's part of their heritage, so I'm sure this movie when it comes out is going to get a lot of critical acclaim," Dixon said. "And that's something that means something to the two of them, because it's part of their history and their heritage, and it's the reason why they wanted to shoot that film together."

    the sad story...
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