Director finds movie 'stars' through eBay

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    A German director is set to begin shooting his first film exclusively using actors who bought their parts on an Internet auction site.

    Ralf List, a radio host and producer, said 12 men and women had paid between 400 and 9,050 euros ($AU675 and $15,000) on the eBay site for parts in Wer ist eigentlich Paul? (Who is Paul really?).

    The lead part in the movie, a comedy about a gay no-hoper who becomes a winner after moving into a flat with other gays, is being played by a cook.

    Filming will start at the end of the month, List said, when the 12 remaining unfilled roles will also be auctioned via eBay.

    List said the concept, including his screenplay, was being taken to the United States where a movie company wanted to open bidding in July.

    This will be List's first feature and he is confident it would be screened in cinemas.

    Talks with a number of distributors should be concluded in four or five weeks, he added.
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