Director Kevin Smith - Too Fat To Fly (His words not mine)

Discussion in 'Celebrity and Entertainment News' started by Tricia, Feb 15, 2010.

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    Director Kevin Smith (Chasing Amy among others) is kicked off a Southwest Airline flight for being too fat.

    This is an explosive story and believe me director Kevin Smith will not let it go until there is a major change in policy at Southwest Airlines.


    Smith does his something called a SModcast. You can listen to him tell the whole story right here.

    What makes this story more interesting (and the media is not reporting yet) is Kevin was put on another SWA flight were he bought two seats. He was sititng by the window, the middle seat was empty (he bought it) and then a woman who was "stout" was sitting on the aisle seat.

    Listen to Kevin's tirade when he finds out that the airline did the same thing to this woman as they did to him, except they wanted her to buy another seat EVEN THOUGHT KEVIN HAD THE MIDDLE SEAT. Then they told her she would have to ask his (Kevin's) permission to sit in her seat since he purchased the middle seat.

    This is a wild story and if you can stand the very harsh language it is worth a listen to.
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    I really like Kevin Smith. I think his humor is downright hilarious. Crude.. yes, but hilarious all the same. It will be interesting to see how this pans out.
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    Looks like Silent Bob isn't Silent anymore :crazy:

    This is the main reason I refuse to fly (plus I'm terrified of flying too)
    My excess poundage is in my middle area and I need a seat belt extender. If they made me get off the plane I would be humiliated beyond belief! Nope, no way. I think Southwest needs to be boycotted. See how they like flying a few days with EMPTY seats!
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    I saw Mr. Smith on television this morning (and with the camera adding 10 lbs) he didn't look all that large to me. I've seen larger people squished into one seat. Maybe it's like he said that they didn't like his movies.

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