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Will this jury be in court for the sentencing? Can the public be there?
Very late in the trial - like during closings or right before - each juror was talked to individually by JSS. Was there any mention as to what that was about? I believe it was after the two jurors were dismissed (including that poor juror with the death in the family).
Troy got in a quote from Jodi. Noone's talked to Juror #17, she's probably too chickened, she's the 2nd most hated woman in America now.

Thats still Casey Anthony in my book..maybe like 3rd hated woman in America, I can get on board with that.
No, what has me really shaken today, beyond the verdict and the split, is finding out that the stealth juror watched the Lifetime movie and nothing was done about that. I still believe she will ream Jodi out and give her LWOP. I have no reason to doubt that.

I DO think she will give Jodi LWOP but I don't believe for one minute that she will ream her out or say anything harsh to her at all. She will give the sentence and no commentary. We won't get the satisfaction of a verbal smackdown.
Our jury system must be for EVERYONE. Not just the outcomes I agree with.

Jodi is G*U*I*L*T*Y and will never breath air outside of legal custody. Just the other day, I made a special trip to Starbuck's for a strawberry frappe and giggled as I drank it in her 'honor'. I'm okay with that.

My own personal experience with murder of a beloved and the ultimate execution is that the only people affected were those who loved and cared for the perp. Not only was my beloved not returned, the pain has never diminished and the crime rate has not been affected.

I understand. But today I vent.
Tomorrow I'll slurp the **** out of a strawberry frap and toast the ***** to hell.
But today, I'm going to let this frustration out.

Freaking JSS.
Nurmi with his "victory". STFU.
Maria. OMG. Unprofessional idiot!
And JW, Dr. Freaking Idiot and Dr. Skunk Face.
And omg Marc McGee.

Well, there I go getting angry again.
I am officially angry at JSS for not doing anything once 11 jurors brought up the bias of 1 juror.

This is unbelievable.
i'm not saying a juror should be thrown off for not AGREEING with the others. but this woman was trying to consider a hollywood movie that was NOT in evidence. that seems to me something she COULD have been removed for.

We don't know if she didn't disclose it in voir dire though. And as AZL said, the judge would just have to tell the other jurors to disregard whatever she said about the movie. She couldn't remove her for bringing it up.
Wow, this was a strong and very clear minded juror team (except of course teh one that should have been replaced immediately) . I was extremely impressed when I listened to them. They seem to have accomplished their duty with the highest sense of responsability. However, what a dramatic result...

I really appreciate that the jurors wanted to speak without delay! I truly hope that Travis' family hears all of the jurors' comments - that would bring me a lot of peace to know that they saw my brother for who he was and didn't believe or approve of the defense strategy. And that they saw the defendant as the psychopath she is! May their hearts be comforted this day.
If Travis would've been able to defend himself and kill Jodi after being attacked, not a soul would've had a problem with her death....
I so hope that the Alexanders are listening to this.

??? I just don't understand your posts at all. I am not bashing you..I just don't understand you or your posts. I respect your decisions/thoughts/opinions..but, your post just totally confuse me always!
Why do you hope this?..You wanted Jodi to get the Life and that is what she will get..AND, the family wanted death NOT life! I hope I am not coming off as argumentative..that is not what I am trying to convey here...just smh. I hope I don't get in trouble for posting this.
I've not paid much attention to this case, but I have a couple of questions.

1. Did JA represent herself?
2. Did she testify?
But this was sent in as a juror question, correct? That's what confused me. So the judge just tucks it away and no one is the wiser?

I think this is why they had the closed door session in the courtroom yesterday. So even if the family didn't know the exact split...they knew they were deadlocked. Knowing it in your heart and hearing the finality of it said in court are two different things. I get why they were so emotional today, I can't even imagine the pain, after all they've been through. Prayers for all of them.
I agree, this has nothing to do with the Hughes' because it sounds like nobody on the jury really believed anything presented by the defense team. It all came down to a stealth juror, that stupid Lifetime movie and the modsnippety Law of Attraction!

So for the record. Juan did an OUTSTANDING job. There is nothing that could have changed this person's mind. Either she is dumb as a rock and believed a hollywood movie...or she thought it would get her on Nancy Grace, or some other motive. Time will tell. Too many sleuthers here, the info will come out. imo.
AZL or Boytownmom or any legal brain :)

Since the one question came to the judge last night, that they were hung...did prosecution and defense know this last night - so that Jodi and the Alexander family were aware of this last night?

Does anyone know?

They might have known last night or this morning, but I assume it was a surprise or the one Alexander sister wouldn't have cried out like that. :(
Just listening to replay of jurors on HLN. One female juror saying she's a manipulator and will do fine in jail.
Thats still Casey Anthony in my book..maybe like 3rd hated woman in America, I can get on board with that.

Right now I hate Juror #17 more than Casey Anthony, so that's saying alot!!!
As I listen to the jurors speak out today there is still some vindication for the Alexander family. One has called her a sociopath, and they are saying pretty positive things about Travis. Bless the eleven.
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