Disney Tattoo Guy ~ (I saw him once!)

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    Cloud over Magic Kingdom worries Disney tattoo guy

    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) — George Reiger is troubled by the turmoil at Walt Disney these days but that's not stopping him from pursuing his dream — one Mickey Mouse tattoo at a time.

    Reiger, who calls himself Walt Disney's No. 1 fan and, more familiarly the Disney tattoo guy, has devoted his life and most of his body to the Magic Kingdom — from the 102 Dalmatians on his right leg to Pinocchio's whale on his belly.

    Just last week Reiger had an image of comedian and Finding Nemo voice actor Ellen De Generes inked on his right knee — the 1,579th Disney-related tattoo he has had done.

    Like many Disneyphiles, Reiger is saddened by Comcast's's unsolicited bid for Disney and the possible disappearance of an American entertainment icon that he admits has become a costly obsession.

    Reiger, a Bethlehem, Pennsylvania postal employee and professional magician, estimates that he spends over $50,000 a year on all things Disney, including weekly Disney tattoo sessions and monthly trips to the theme parks.

    He also has collected 19,000 pieces of Disney memorabilia, customized his house so that the doors and fixtures are in the shape of Mickey Mouse ears and written into his will the wish that his ashes be scattered in the Seven Seas Lagoon and Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Walt Disney World in Florida.

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