Do the police know who took the Springfield 3?

Discussion in 'Ongoing Case Discussion Forums' started by Tuffgong, Feb 18, 2019.

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    This case is so fascinating, I think maybe the most fascinating case there is. And I know many have posted their theory on who did it or what they think happened. However, being a so-called active investigation, the police have commented very little or leaked much. I have to be honest, I don't think this case would have been that hard to solve, not through proper investigation work. In a community like Springfield, people talk, people makes deals, etc.. I also know that the police have not really promoted the case in sometime, like some cold cases are done to try to work a phone call. Quite frankly, I think the police know who did it, I think they are pretty certain. I think the main culprit is probably doing time right now, probably a life sentence or close to it. Maybe one of the suspects, if it was plural, is dead. I think the police are content to let it rest, knowing that the person that did it is locked up. I think the case is just not there for a sure guilty verdict, so they just let time go by until all the family pushing for answers, die off.
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    There was a conspiracy, more than one involved, at least two and possibly a third for the physical act, and probably more for the planning. Someone ordered it.

    Someone knows, someones, more than likely, but I do not necessarily include the police in their number. Corruption and-or ignorance on LE's part.

    The motive and reason for something this big and unsolved is almost always money.
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    I know someone mentioned a friend of theirs may have broken into mausoleum to take a few things. Could a clever killer break into a mausoleum, open a coffin, and leave his victim, or victims, in that coffin? Put everything back to the way it was and leave. Who would ever think to look there for a missing person?
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    Like many others on here, I spend a TON of time reading about and studying famous cold cases, abductions, strange disappearances, and murders (probably too much time, actually). And I’ve gotta say the Springfield Three easily ranks in my top 5 of all-time unsolved cases that I wish could be cracked. It is one of the few cases that really spooked me, and I don’t scare easily.

    I agree with you all on here that there are likely multiple people alive, possibly even some in law enforcement, who know who perpetrated the crime and are covering it up or just trying to let it die for various reasons.

    The answers I want to know about the case, besides the obvious “whodunnit”, are: 1) were the girls or the mother (or all 3) the target, 2) was the killer already in the house when the girls arrived home from their party, 3) if not, how did the killer(s) gain entry to the home at that hour of the early morning, 4) how significant and central to the case was the broken porch light, and 5) did someone really see the girls driving around crying in a van that next morning?

    So many bizarre happenings, sightings, and clues left behind, and seemingly so many near misses or blunders which have stalled the case being solved.
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    I think what hurt this case was the friends (unsure about the family) unknowingly cleaning up everything that was in disarray in and outside the house...They didn't realize they contaminated the scene and may have destroyed evidence...In their defense who would've thought all three were kidnapped/murdered...

    If there is still evidence the friends touched, it could be mixed with the killer's DNA...They know who was in the house, and they can just focus on the foreign DNA...

    This is a very interesting case...They just vanished with no trace...It had to be a personal or sexual motive...I remember all three purses and cars were left at the house...Robbery wasn't the motive...

    I'm thinking it was someone from the graduation party or they saw them that night...I think the perpetrator(s) may have moved away shortly after the murder...I would ask the community if anyone abruptly left town after the 3 disappeared...
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