Doctor on trial denies measuring erections

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    Can't remember code in notes. Pediatrician accused of sexually assaulting teens still insists examinations were medically appropriate

    Measuring the testicles and penises of patients he now is accused of sexually assaulting was part of routine medical examinations, but he never paid attention to the size of an erection, Dr. Jocelyn Lussier testified yesterday at his Quebec Court trial.

    Lussier had been articulate, calm and confident since the start of his trial on charges he drugged and assaulted 14 patients. But yesterday, for the first time, he was at a loss for an answer.

    Crown prosecutor Andre Rompre asked Lussier what he meant by the notation "er 15," written beside penis measurements on one of his patients' files.

    But the 38-year-old pediatrician couldn't remember what the code stood for.

    "You have an excellent memory," Rompre said. "So what can this mean?"

    Lussier, who faces 23 charges, began to lose his patience.

    "You're trying to get me to say I did something that I didn't," he said angrily. "I never took measurements of an erection."

    As he has throughout his trial, Lussier told the court yesterday that he measured his patients' testicles and penises, as well as their height and weight, to make sure their development was on target. He said such a practice is contained in pediatric textbooks and has been presented at medical conferences.

    But Rompre suggested that measuring the genitals was unnecessary. "That information is superfluous, useless."

    Lussier replied: "I did medical measurements in a medical context. I'm a person who measures in order to be precise, and I can't do that visually. It'd just be an approximation."
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    Yeah, right.

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