Doctors find $860.00 in coins in patients belly

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    BOSTON (AP) - French doctors were taken aback when they discovered the reason for a patient's sore, swollen belly: He had swallowed around 350 coins - worth about $860 - along with assorted necklaces and needles.

    The 62-year-old man came to the emergency room of Cholet General Hospital in western France in 2002. He had a history of major psychiatric illness, was suffering from stomach pain and could not eat or move his bowels. His family warned doctors that he sometimes swallowed coins, and a few had been removed from his stomach in past hospital visits.

    Still, doctors were awed when they took an X-ray. They discovered an enormous opaque mass in his stomach that turned out to weigh 5.4 kilograms, as much as some bowling balls. It was so heavy it had forced his stomach down between his hips.

    Five days after his arrival, doctors cut him open and removed his badly damaged stomach with its contents. He died 12 days later from complications.

    One of his doctors, intensive care specialist Dr. Bruno Francois, said the patient had swallowed the coins - both French currency and later euros - over about a decade. His family tried to keep coins and jewelry away from him.

    "When he was invited and came in some homes, he liked to steal coins and eat them," Francois said.
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    The wonderful world of pica. I have a wall display thingy with what was recovered from a pica sufferer in the early 1900s. hairpins, nails, parts of a doorknob.... these people are seriously disturbed. Well, I guess I am pretty disturbing to have this display on my wall aren't I? LOL!

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