Does anyone know any information about this solved Jane Doe case?

Discussion in 'Unidentified "How To" & Reference Forum' started by JupiterAmmon, Sep 6, 2012.

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    I am wondering if any of you know about the details of a specific Jane Doe. I like to read up on the backstory's of many of the identified former John/Jane Does but I can't find any information on this one. Here is what I know:

    Her case number was originally 229UFTX

    No name was given on the Doe Network's Resolved section, just an "Identified" label (other Doe's have just this label also, but many of them I am able to still find information on)

    According to the Doe Network "This woman was killed by an automobile in Texas in 2000 and was identified through fingerprints in May of 2003. The woman was from Arizona and had never been reported missing."

    I have attached an image of her reconstruction.

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    That basically means that her family didn't want any information made public, as is their right.

    The only thing that might turn up any information is to search in Arizona newspapers after May 2003 to see if there's a matching obituary notice.

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