Doesn't anyone want stuff owned by Bon Jovi's ex-bassist?

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    Former rocker's auction strikes a hollow chord

    Alec Jon Such, former bassist for Bon Jovi, put thousands of dollars worth of cars, furniture, artwork and rock'n'roll memorabilia on sale in a weekend auction at his home in Colts Neck.
    Too bad no one was buying it

    "What a dull crowd," said auctioneer Steve Miranti of Auction Liquidation Services. "I guess there's no Bon Jovi fans out there."
    There were a few fans of the New Jersey-based band on hand -- notably, Pam and Chauncey Cozine from Middletown, who went home Saturday with $1,525 worth of Such's keepsakes, including a Fender bass guitar played and signed by Such, and the 1992 "Keep the Faith" album's double platinum records.

    "We've been fans of Bon Jovi's since his big-hair days in the 1980s," said Pam Cozine. "I thought they were going to sell everything here for a lot more. I didn't think we'd get anything."

    When Chauncey handed her seven pairs of fake-leather "pleather" pants worn by Such on tour and in videos, she groaned.

    "I hope this isn't my birthday present."

    Auction items ran the spectrum, even for a self-proclaimed "pack rat" like Such. Jewelry and coin collectors poured over sterling silver bracelets and Susan B. Anthony coins, while a mom and her daughter inspected the stuffed Bon Jovi band dolls.

    Still, it didn't look like the auction would yield the $400,000 Such's first auction in 2000 earned. A few Fender bass guitars sold for $700 to $750, while the highlight of the day -- the 1960 MGA Roadster convertible -- sold for $7,500. In all, 300 items were sold for a total of $30,000. Last year's auction ended with a $300,000 profit, but sold 1,200 items.

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