Dog Rides Train From Greenwich to Harlem

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    Dog Rides Train From Greenwich to Harlem

    GREENWICH, Conn. - Animal control officials are looking for the owner of a dog who rode a commuter train from Greenwich to Harlem on Christmas Eve.

    The trouble is, officials are unsure whether the dog's holiday trip began in Greenwich or somewhere farther up the Metro North line, which runs as far north as Waterbury.

    "He's a sweet little dog," Halm said. "It's hard to understand how it got on the train."

    The dog, a neutered 35-pound male spaniel-retriever mix that officials believe is between 4 and 7 years old, was spotted at the Old Greenwich station Wednesday morning. But when officer Vincent Pennatto arrived, the dog was gone.

    He also got calls that the dog was at the Riverside station, one stop south toward New York. Again, the dog was gone when Pennatto arrived.

    Commuter Helen Faith of Greenwich was on her way to work in Manhattan when she saw the dog walk off the train at the 125th Street station in Harlem, Pennatto said.

    Full Story from the Miami Herald
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