Dog that sniffs out pregnancies says KC Zoo polar bear not expecting

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    Dog that sniffs out pregnancies says KC Zoo polar bear not expecting

    Zoo says they'll continue to care for Berlin as though she's pregnant

    9:34 AM CST Nov 14, 2013

    From the Kansas City Zoo: The Kansas City Zoo’s two big white polar bears have met nose to nose, eye to eye and paw to paw. Nikita and Berlin are together in Polar Bear Passage under the close watch of Zoo Keepers, Veterinarians and other professionally trained staff.
    Kansas City Zoo

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. —A dog famous for sniffing out pregnancies in polar bears has indicated that the Kansas City Zoo's Berlin is not expecting.

    Zoo officials said that the dog, named Elvis, was helping with the study on pregnancies in polar bears.

    According to Elvis, Berlin is not pregnant.

    The Kansas City Zoo said zookeepers are continuing to care for Berlin as though she may be pregnant.

    The zoo said polar bears can exhibit pregnancy-type behaviors even though they may not be pregnant.
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