Dogs audition for Broadway musical

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    Two-dozen dogs living in New York animal shelters got their shot at stardom on Friday with an audition for parts in a new Broadway musical and the chance to live out their days on a farm.

    One hound mix and one collie won parts in the upcoming "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang," a stage musical of the popular movie to open on Broadway's new Hilton Theater in April.

    As part of their prize, the dogs will live on a Connecticut farm owned by the show's handler when the production closes.

    An 8-months-old white-and-caramel hound mix called Fred, and a 10-month-old, 70-pound collie with a long and pointy snout called Argyle won the audition -- and with it a dressing room, grooming, and secure retirement to Bill Berloni's farm.
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