Dominic Casey testimony (P.I. worked for Baez and Anthonys)

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Oct 6, 2008
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Dominic Casey, private investigator licensed in FL...since 3/2008 in FL....on Oct 1 2008 employed by GA & CA ....prior to that employed with JB law firm...terminated employ performed for GA & CA that overlapped during time of employ from JB and GA&CA.. security work and investigation....there were protesters @ the A home congregate from mid to late afternoon til 10,11,12,1 or 2 for A' recollection first week of Sept til end of Oct...object overrule...we don't need to belabor this end of Oct you were providing the security aspect because of the protesters...did it cause you to park your veh. on Suburban drive...when I would leave @ night time I would exit to Chicaksaw trail - head to BP gas station....wait there few minutes event some protester has waited thinking I had left and come back and cause a problem...did this every evening Sept thru end Oct....the odd evening no...protesters left early...last 2 weeks of Oct there were very few...wasn't as late...

AF more likely than not you parked your car on Suburban drive on most evenings...yes most likely....recognize this picture as a general vicinity of Suburban Drive and ...where you normally park your car...most evenngs between SEpt 1st and Oct 2008...put an A on that diagram where you would be parking your car on Suburban drive and show an arrow which direction car pointed in...@ same time in vicintiy of Suburban drive..see other persons in that area...what persons or groups in that area...if start east toward school - further down - most of the nights there would be a Dep. Sherrif car....and another veh. that park and wait and sit there....receive into evidence...

New witness: Dominic Casey
PI licensed in Fla. since March of 2008
Was employed by GA and CA, previously employed by Baez law firm.

Followed up on tips to tip line for the As. Did security work for them as well. Tended to protesters who congregated until the end of Oct.

In connection with security aspect did you park your vehicle on Suburban Drive?
When I left at night I'd head north, get coffee or drink for 5 or 10 minutes, drive back to Suburban and sit and park in the event some protestors thought I'd left and return.

Going through this service to the As and his parking on Suburban.
AF approaches witness.

Do you recognize this as the general vicinity of Suburban Drive?
Yes I do.
Does this show where you parked your car?
Put an A on that diagram to show where you parked. And draw an arrow to show
the direction it was pointed in.
At the same time, would you also see other persons int hat area/
Specifically who did you see?
Toward the school, most of the time there would be a sheriff's car, independent media.

AF moving something into evidence. Baez coming up to show AF how to work equipment.

"A" would be your car?
Approximate, because the road bends around and i always parked so the car faced west toward Hopespring.
The media and LE would be between your car where?
They would park further behind ...

Commerical! I hate HLN. :(
DC: I brought a sealed box to Cindy. She opened it. I could see a teddy bear.
When was the bear returned to CA?
Around the end of October maybe.
After ICA was indicted and back in jail?
The request for an article was way after Casey went back to jail.

Who is Luke Phillip?
He contacted the family in 2008 and offered help and represented some people ... I'm not sure ... a psychic.
No he's not employed as a psychic but he works with people with psychic abilities.
On 11.15.08, did you go with James Hoover to Suburban Drive?
Yes I did.
Who is James Hoover?
He was a volunteer who arrived at the As home within a few days of protests starting.
Did he work for you?
No he did not.
On 11.15.08, were you on a cell phone in the vicinity of Suburban, and who were you talking with on the cell phone.
Jeannette Lukas.
What was her profession?
To my knowledge she is a psychic.
Did you go into the woods on 11.15.08?
Yes I did.

A is location of your car..approximate - way road bends around - front of vehicle facing west toward Hopespring...if anyone come up Chickasaw Drive they would see my veh facing there....the LE would normally park further behind - wouldn't see them unless drove around where road bend...the media people parked anywhere....parked most evenings Sept 1 - Oct 31....ignition off and window down....any thing out of ordinary or odors on Sub drive? No I did not....end of Oct 2008 participate in sending a teddy bear to a person named ? answer would be no but I did help send a teddy to a certain send from CA to lou Phillips... I acquired an address from Luke Phillips and gave it to CA and asked she send something of Caylee Marie to him...she said yes and forwarded a teddy bear...she told me a teddy...was it returned to CA from Luke I received at my office for CA addressed D&A investigtions.... idon't recollect if we met half way somewhere - I called CA and said the teddy arrived back...she said...object- hearsay....I saw a sealed box...arranged to meet CA and I brought sealed box to CA and she opened the box.....view what was inside....I could see teddy...the bear referred to as Teddy...when was bear returned to CA? I would be guessing around the end of Oct ....maybe....after kc was indicted and back in jail...the request for teddy or an article was way after kc was sent back to jail on Oct 14....a couple week after that...did you go with a man name James Hoover...

talk about Luke Phillips - person contacted family right @ beginning in July 2008 offered help...represented two or three not sure how...they called he works with people with psychic ability- he aids and searches for people....on 11/15/08 - go with James Hoover to Suburban drive...who is James Hoover? a volunteer who arrived @ A family home within a few days of protesters starting where he would provide services and security ....he did not work for D& A investigations or me....we you on a cell phone in the vicinity of Suburban Drive...who talking with? Jeanette Lucas...her profession she is a psychic.
Publish to jury

LDB helps AF adjust photo for viewing.

AF: Did you go with Hoover to an area on Suburban?
Show us with "B" on here where you went.
Marks the photo "approximately"
Nothing happening, he says. Finally gets it.

Did you go in your car or Mr. Hoover's car.
In Mr. Hoover's car.
What were you looking for at this location on Suburban Drive?


missed some testimony....

DC received a call from....Jeanette Lucas early morning as a result went to Suburban drive...looking for the possible location of Caylee Marie anthony....labeled B did you go into wooded area....first we pulled up approx where just scribbled - got out of veh...started headed that way toward the school - I told Hoover to stay in veh...where are you going....stay in vehicle...walked away from veh so I could talk to Ms. Lucas...I called her...entered into woods initially ...this looks so different...there is a pencil...somewhere in that location that is far into woods initially? 20 - 25 long spend in that location of the woods....walk in an opening where didn't have to cut down shrubbery...walked into where had there probably less than 5 or 10 min...came walking out...I saw James Hoover standing within 10 feet into the woods...he had a videocamera...didn't have any idea he was video....I didn't give permission...I asked what the heck are you doing...he said something for you to have for your file....don't tell me what he said....I came out of woods and then I went I couple....

easier to get into access to the 20 - 25' in from edge of went down would be white sandy with 2 - 3" of appeared that the water ran west to east current flowing....water was about 20 feet long spend in area woods the 2nd time....could have been 10 min or soo...any thing particular? yes 3 white paver stones....anything else ....specifically looking for garbage bags....see them there were a tremendous amount of them around..stay in woods ...object overrule

guessing 10-12 min...from there where did you go? out of the woods onto Suburban Dr into veh...and then the street across from retention pond...vacant house...located over there...why go to vacant house....came up out of woods before got into veh...I called Jeanette Lucas...


Lost post....

picking up where left off
DC and AF - bring stick to probe the earth...soft & silty sand - didn't like have choice of sticking hands inthere leaves and trash and move those around..take chance - saw plenty of snakes...find anything gave resistance or what looking for? no

probe there as well...yes mam.....AF asks if he went back to Suburban Drive a third time ...yes I did...this time Mr. Hoover was not with ...on the way to the A residence would be the Tues or Wed following 16th ....18th or 19th...purpose going back to 3rd time...relief...not go into woods @ all...parked veh...showed where parked....Tues the 18th or Wed....parked - draw line path walked - walked east walked west..came back to veh. and drove off...looking for as you walked....wasn't walking in the woods...I walked in the center of the street - I was just looking alla around.....any other openings you or draw curiousity/ NO....
did you see physical evidence related to this case in any way? not to my knowledge....see any bags or debris with human remains?
no further questions....

before cross - need a break? cross examin.

AF: You were looking for 3 paver stones.
DC: Yes.
You cut open garbage videos?
To see what was inside of them.
Did you go back to the woods that day or did you go somewhere else?
From the abandoned house we went to the airport to bring them to the meet and greet.
Next day, did you go back?
Why did you go back?
To prove the psychic wrong.
Where did you park when you went back? On that day?
DC says within the same vicinity.
Were you trying to cover more area, expand your search?
We went through the same opening, I just wanted to pan around and see if I missed anything.
Did you see any remains of CMA on either of those days?
No, absolutely not.
How much time did you spend in the woods looking for Caylee?
12 minutes, maybe 15 minutes.
And JH was with you again.
The second time did you bring a stick to stir the earth?
Explains why he used a stick (dirty in there--and snakes!)
Did you find what you were looking for?
Did you go back to the abandoned house?
Did you again poke there?
Yes, ma'am.
Did you go back to Suburban a third time?
This time was MR. Hoover with you?
No he was not.
On the way to the A residence so probably the 18th or 19th.
I parked my vehicle, got out of my vehicle.
Show me where on the map. Draw a line to show us the path you walked.
DC marks map.
What were you looking for?
I walked on the street--were you looking in the direction of the woods.
I was just looking around, wasn't really feeling very happy about it.
At any time, when you were in the woods on 15, 16, or following Wednesday, did you see a change to physical evidence in this case?
Not to my knowledge.
Did you see any bags that appeared to contain human remains?
No, not to my knowledge.

Working for the A's and before that you worked with JB law firm...follow tips never asked kc? object - approach...Sidebar....6:12 EST - HHBP in chanbers pulls away

FG: You went to the woods to help the As, no?
Well, I wouldn't describe it as that. I was going there under the direction of a psychic. It was not to facilitate anybody or anything.
FG: GA did not send you into the woods, correct?
Absolutely not.
Showing evidence to DC.

What is that picture?
Do you recognize Suburban Drive?
On 11.15 indicate first where you believe your vehicle was parked in that photograph.
I can't in this photo--I can put in an approximate.
Can you see where there's a curve in the road?
Yes, I see that curve.
Do you also see a fence line?
Does it look like a fence line to you?
Wouldthat photo help you or delineate where you parked that day?
I wasn't driving that day. It was Mr. James Hoover who drive.
Can you mark where?
Mark with the blue pen where you walked into the woods.
Marks the map.
Did you come out of the woods the same way you wnet in?
Can you mark how far into the woods?
25 feet from the asphalt.
Do you remember saying you went in 50 feet from the asphalt?
That's quite possible.
new photo published.

I can see a lot better on here.
FG: Now that you can see better, do you want to change what you showed us.
It was probably to the left in this picture.
Where you went into the woods ...?
Are you more comfortable with that marking?

Another photo is shown.

FG: Why don't you put a marking where you went into the woods and a circle.
FG: This is where you went into the woods where you saw the broken toilet?
I believe it was on both (trips into the woods?).
FG: You described an old toilet?
And you saw green and black trash bags?
Were they ON the ground or buried in the ground?
They were sitting on the ground.

Mr. George & Dominc Casey....a psychic directed you? threatened me? Directed you! yes....CA demeanor while search of her granddaughter was going on (object-overrule) traumatized diswrought, missing child/granddaughter, GA was help GA & CA when went into the woods to help find some closure for grandparents - some answers....I um......I wouldn't quite put it that way no....I was going there
@ direction of Jeanette Lucas - she called me early Sat. morning ....CA did not send you into woods on 11/15 nor did GA - absolutely correct....approach witness....shows pic # RO recognize picture? recognize Suburban Drive....yeah I believe it is Suburban pen in front of you...on Nov 15, 2008 indicate where you believe you your car....I can't do this from aerial photo taken...I can put approx but it is not definate....see fence line and curve....does it look like a fence line to you? sure does....ok that fenceline...looking @ those 2 landmarks - would that photo help you? I was not driving my was James Hoover Veh..we parked the veh....I can approximately....mark in blue marker - mark on photo where you blieve you walked into the woods...before mark anything else on that....did you come out of woods same way went in? mark how far into the woods you went...that would be extremely inaccurate...20 - 25 feet from edge of woods do you recall saying 40-50 ' into the woods....quite possible....SA would like to use #RO as a's a lot bigger and easier to see....anything want to change? probably a little more to the left of the picture....more the X to the left...more comfortable with that marking than other 2....put another x where believe you went into woods and with that X put a circle....trip when you saw the broken toilet? actually on both I believe....describe seeing an old toilet busted ...3 trash bags...saw numerous trash bags....on the ground...for the most part...yard trash - like yard service cut grass and just like (tossing motion)....saw a bath mat....not a blanket or towel....want to say green in color...didn't see a red disney bag no there was no disney.....this forey into woods was not exhaustive search....on phone the entire time? in this part of the woods in Nov 2008....not all the time...couple of pauses between phone calls... went across the street to abandoned house by the retention pond.....fair to say a lot of water in woods....unfair to say...yes there was water...2" - 3" 20 - 25' stand in water ankle deep....when go in from Suburban drive elevation drops 6' levels out...elevation goes from west to east...water going to dead end of the street...could still see the day still saw same amount of water...clarify what I was saying...I don't want it to be an impression it was river....12-15 feet then dry spot then another flowing water....after cut open black trash bags...never dug in the muck on hands and knees on 11/15.....


Exhibit RP - same photo - Nov. 16th 2008, back to area of Suburban Drive...into the woods...having difficulty hearing....

can you approximate ...put an X there in circle....that is approximate....on the phone w/Jeanette Lucas on this date....I believe so....that was 3 years ago....I believe so....she said you need to go back....there...there is a missing piece and I don't know what to do....can I say this....after your search....did you get ahold of Jeanette....I tried to ...did you speak w/jeanette lucas on 16th the morning on Sunday ....what you saw and what did after speak with her....I think I am going to be getting mixed up here....I spoke w/Ms Lucas from Suburban Drive...the 16th on Sunday... I was on Suburban Drive when I was talking to her....just like on 15th...(object-


mark w/red marker where you believe you went into the woods on Nov. 16th 2008...put X in a square...did you exit the woods in the same place...I believe I did....mark on that photo path of travel on 11/16/08 - I put a line from X with a square and I put an arrow toward Hopespring (west?) still see water on the ground...take anything else with you on this search didn't have day before...I had probe and little potter's trowel...a little shovel - no a shovel is a big things you can put it in your pocket -same thing....did you use it in woods? I don't believe I did may have moved something...don't believe I did to my knowledge.....use RP as a demonstrative aide....publish.....

I see it there now...look better on the big screen - see things a lot better...any change where into and out of woods or is this accurate?....I is going to be within same region plus or minus 10 feet....X w/square is went into woods...X w/circle where veh. was parked...was Hoover w/you step by step....walking with in the woods...hanging out about 10 feet out from me and then came into woods behind me....he was taping...I was not aware .....I need to clarify that....I was aware and I did approve that he could videotape with understandin there is no audio....I understand there is audio on that video he was supposed to give it to me...he didn't have approval for had been rumored before that there was audio but first today I heard there was audio on the video tape....approach witness...see where X with square write enter woods....

this looks approximate...X in circle ....where car was parked....write that...little space write 11/16/08....initials next to it....

RO used blue pen - earlier made mark of X with circle around it went into woods and came out - write enter woods... and where car parked....initial and date 11/15/08...initial that as well...approach to retrieve....

mr. Casey you indicated a week or so after this second visit you returned to Suburban drive walked the street up towards the school then back towards Hopespring a little past my vehicle but not all the way to Hopespring....never went into the woods that day walked down the center of the further questions

Redirect- AF - takes a look @ pictures look @ SA # RO that represent first entry into the woods on the 15th that first entry or 2nd? the first entry is ....put a 1 ...don't have a pen...thank you ...put a 1 to the left of the circle and initial.....put a 2 where 2nd entry was.....and initial draw a circle in the areas of the woods you think you keep using word estimation...don't have tape measure...unable to measure...going off 3 years memory...between 11/14/08 and today...anyone from LE sat down with you and ask you to explain pictures where you went on this excusion? map like this and explain where you went...the SA office 3/2011 - correct...around 3/2011 ...counsel approach sidebar please...


AF showing photo to DC
Does that represent your first entry on 11.15?
Is that the first entry or the second entry (INTO THE WOODS)?
He circles the first entry point into the woods.
Second entry? Indicate that for us.
He does.
You kept using the word "estimating"--why?
I didn't have exact measurements and I'm going off of 3 years of memory.
When LE sat with you and asked you to point out where you entered in 2008, correct? And athey asked where you walked that day. Did you draw a map for them?
I drew some circles.
How long ago was hat?
March 2011.
Is that correct sir?

Casey's laughing, smirking in court again. Then got very serious. Now batting eyes at ... Jose?
SIDEBAR #9 (5:27-5:29)



He is a private investigator and security officer. He has been licensed in Florida since March of 2008.

On 10/1/08 he was employed by the A's. Prior to that he was employed by the Baez law firm. He terminated that relationship on 10/1/08. He then stated it was overlapping a bit.

For the A's he was following up on tips they received through the tip line and doing security work.

Security work involved dealing with the protestors at the house. The protestors started congregating at the A's home around the first week of September. They congregated there until the end of October. This was the security aspect of his work for the A's. This work caused him to park his vehicle on Suburban Drive. When he left at night after the protestors had left. He would exit onto Chickasaw then turn on Curry Ford, go to the gas station and get a coffee then go back to the Suburban Drive location and sit and park in the event some of the protestors had come back. He did this most evenings.

He was shown Defendant's Exhibit FU (really). This showed where he would park when he came back. He marked an A and an arrow to show where his car was and what direction the car would be pointed in.

He would also see other persons in the area of Suburban Drive. If you went east toward the school, further down, most of the nights there would be a deputy sheriff's cars and one or two of the independent media vehicles.

Document marked as Defense Exhibit 61. This was published to the Jury. (Aw - LDB helped her)

A would be the location of his car - approximately - he would always make sure he parked so the front of his vehicle would be pointing west. LE normally parked further behind so that you wouldn't be able to see them. The media would park anywhere. While parked, he would have his ignition off and his windows down. He did not notice any odors.

At the end of October 2008 he facilitated the sending a teddy bear to Luke Phillips. He acquired an address from Luke Phillips, he provided the address to CA and asked CA if she could send something of Caylee's to him. She said yes and she forwarded a teddy bear. He doesn't know if the bear was returned. He did receive a package at his office for CA. He believes he met her half way and handed her the box. She opened the box and he could see a teddy bear - referred to as "Teddy". The request for an article was way after ICA was sent back to jail - 2 to 3 weeks after. Luke Phillips is a person who contacted the family in July of 2008 and offered help. It was his understanding that Luke Phillips represented two or three psychics. He is not a psychic. He works with people with psychic abilities and aids and searches for people.

On 11/15/08 he went with JH to Suburban Drive. James Hoover was a volunteer that arrived at the A's within a few days of the protestors and volunteered services where he would provide services. He did not work for DC.

On 11/15/08 he was on a cell phone in the vicinity of Suburban Drive. He was talking to Jannette Lucas. To his knowledge, she is a psychic. He went into the woods.

He was shown Exhibit 58. He marked a B to show where he went the first time. He was in Mr. Hoover's car. He had received a call from Jannette Lucas early that morning. As a result he went to Suburban Drive. He was looking for the possible location of Caylee.

At first they pulled up, he got out of the vehicle then started heading toward the school. He was in the middle of the road and told JH to stay in the car. He walked away far enough where he knew he would not be able to hear so that he could talk to Ms. Lucas. He entered into the woods, and marked that on the picture, approximately. He estimated he walked in 20 to 25 feet. Initially, he walked into an area where he could see without having to cut things down. He was in there probably less than 5 minutes.

He then came walking out and noticed that JH was standing within about 10 feet from the curb into the woods with his arm out with a video camera. He did not know prior to that time that JH was video taping. He did not give him permission to do that. DC asked him what he was doing video taping. DC then went to another opening into the woods, west of the first time. He got no more than 20 or 25 feet into the woods from the edge of the curb. It was white sand with 2 or 3 inches of water. It appeared as though the water was flowing from west to east. The water began about 20 feet in. He spent
about 10 minutes or so.

He was looking for three white paver stones - not specifically looking for garbage bags. There were a tremendous amount of garbages back there.

He then came out of the woods onto Suburban Drive and then went to an abandoned house as a result of talking to Jannette Lucas. He was still looking for three paver stones. He was cutting the bags open to see what was inside. He then left to go to a meet and greet with the A's.

He went back to Suburban Drive the next day to prove the psychic wrong. He indicated where he thought he parked. He went into the same openings and wanted to pan around and look to make sure he hadn't missed anything.

He thinks he spent 12 to 15 minutes searching in the woods. Mr. Hoover was with him and video taping with his approval. DC had a probe to probe the earth. He brought the probe because the ground was soft. He did not find what he was looking for.

He then went back to the abandoned house and probed again.

He went back to Suburban Drive a third time without JH. He was on the way to the A's on the following Tuesday or Wednesday. He went for relief. He did not go into the woods. He parked his vehicle (he marked where he parked) and walked east and west and then got in his vehicle and drove off. He walked in the center of the street.

Did he see any other openings that he did not search? It is possible.

He did not see or handle any physical evidence related to this case.

He did not see any bags that appeared to contain human waste.

No further questions.


When he first became involved in the case, he was working for Baez, then went to work for the A's. He had contact with ICA on 10/14/08. It was his job to investigate the circumstances surrounding Caylee's disappearance.

He never asked ICA?

OBJECTION - way beyond scope -

SIDEBAR #10 (6:10-6:28

Jury being returned at 6:28 (didn't realize they were gone!)

Even after he went to work for the A's, he had contact from time to time with JB.

On 11/15/08 - first time into the woods - he went there because of the psychic, Janette. Was CA desperate at this point?


How was her mood during this time?


She was traumatized and missing her grand-daughter. So was GA.

He was going there at the direction of a psychic that called him. That was the sole purpose. CA and GA did not send him into the woods.

He showed the witness RO and stated he recognized the picture of Suburban Drive. He was asked to mark with a blue pen where he believes his car was parked on 11/15/08. He said he couldn't because the angle of the photo was deceptive.

He did not park his vehicle on 11/15/08 - it was JH's car. He approximated where it was. He then marked where he believes he walked into the woods. He came out of the woods in the same place he went in.

He was asked to mark how far in he went. He felt it would be extremely inaccurate because it was not a scaled photo. It was 20 to 25 feet from the asphalt. Did he recall saying he went up to 50 feet into the woods? He stated that was entirely possible.

He was then shown RO as a demonstrative aide at this point. He then marked where he believed he went into the woods.

When did you see the broken toilet? He thought he saw it on both days. There was an old toilet sitting in the woods. There were numerous black trash bags sitting on the ground. They were like yard trash. He cut a few of them open.

He also found a bath mat torn up. It was not a towel or a blanket.

He did not see a red Disney bag.

His trips into the woods were not an exhaustive search.

On 11/15 he was not on the phone the entire time - there were a couple of pauses in between phone calls.

After he came out, he went into an abandoned house by the retention pond.

On 11/15 there was water in the woods - about 2 to 3 inches in some places. If you walked in 20 to 25 feet you would be standing in about ankle deep water. The elevation of the ground drops about 6 feet from street level and then the water was traveling from west to east.

He saw the same amount of water the next day.

The water was not like a river - it was like 12 or 15 feet, then a dry spot, then another 20 feet. You could see a definite flow of water.

After he cut open some of the trash bags, he did not get on his hands and knees to go through the muck.

He then showed the witness what has been marked as RP - the same photo. He was then asked to mark where Mr. Hoover parked. He believes he was on the phone with Jannette Lucas this time too. She told him he needed to go back there.

At the end of the day on Saturday -

On 11/15 after his search in the woods, he tried to contact Jannette Lucas and he reached Luke Phillips.

On 11/16 he spoke to her. He told her where he had gone and what he had seen. He then went back to Suburban Drive.

He marked on the photo where he believed he went into the woods on 11/16. He exited the woods in the same location that he entered it. He changed directions when he walked into the woods. He marked the direction he believes he traveled. It was toward Hopespring Drive. He still saw water on the ground. He had a probe with him this time and a trowel. He doesn't believe he used the trowel/shovel in the woods.

He was then shown Exhibit RP and it was published to the Jury. Any difference in where you walked in or walked out? It's going to be in the same region - plus or minus 10 feet.

He understood that there was no audio on the tape - he forbid that. He found out today that there was audio. This is the first time he heard the audio. It had been rumored before.

He wrote on the picture where he entered the woods and where the car was parked. He then wrote 11/16/08 and initialed it.

He then went back to RO and wrote the words entered woods, car parked and dated and initialed it.

Regarding his third visit, he walked the street of Suburban up to the school then toward Hopespring, then back to his car. He never left the street. He did not go into the woods that day.

No more questions.


(AF conferring with JB)

He was shown Exhibit RO. He marked #1 for his first entry into the woods and a #2 for the second entry. He then drew a circle to indicate the area of the woods that he thinks he covered on those two trips.

He keeps saying these are estimations because he did not have a tape measure and this is 3 years of memory.

Has any LE shown him pictures and asked where he went?


He then stated that the SAO did. He put circles and X's on a map in 3/11.

SIDEBAR #11 (7:04-7:06)

This meeting on 3/11, this was a depo? Yes, with a court reporter.

In 2008, did anyone with the OCSO sit down and ask him to map out or detail where he had been in the woods. Not to his knowledge.

On 11/15 or 16 he did not have a tape measure. He took still photos.

He agreed that the video is the accurate representation of where he was in the woods on those days.

The marks on the pictures are his best guess 3 years later. He would not say they are accurate.

Witness is excused.
In 2008 or 2009 did anyone with LE or sheriff's office ask you to map out a detail of where you were in the woods on Nov. 16?
Not that I remember at all.
Did you have a tape measure with you?
No I did not.
Was there anything with you to help you remember where you had been in the woods?
I took still photographs. And there was videotape.
Was the videotape an accurate representation of where you had been those two days?
Yes, I would say so.
And what you're saying today is your best recollection of where you searched in the woods?
Yes ma'am.

No further questions.
Witness excused.
bringing over the edited version - hoping to make more sense.

AF w/DC - normal deposition @ SA office

th court reporter 3/2011...anyone in LE ask you
.prior to that when things were fresher in your memory? no

any particular markers in the woods to specifically make a mental note that 3 years later be able to I took still photos...seen videotape...accurate representation of where you were in the woods....SA #RP and #RO best guess 3 years later....not absolutely accurate...
witness excused.
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