Door-to-door flasher gets 60 days in jail

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    A Matthews man accused of exposing himself to students at area colleges will spend 60 days in a York County jail.

    David Michael Smith Jr., 33, pleaded guilty earlier this month to two counts of indecent exposure in cases involving Winthrop University students, Assistant Solicitor Lisa Collins, the prosecutor in the case, said Wednesday.

    In the plea agreement, Smith agreed to three years probation, counseling and registration for life as a sex offender. He also agreed not to go to York County during his probation, except to serve his jail time on weekends, Collins said.

    Smith was accused of knocking on the doors of female students and saying he needed to do something to get into a fraternity at another college. In one case, police said, he exposed himself. In another, he danced, removed his clothes and masturbated.

    One case happened in a Winthrop residence hall and the other at a sorority house, Collins said.

    "We do take these crimes seriously and we will prosecute them. It disturbs us that these crimes were perpetrated at a college to which parents entrust their children to our care," she said. "This sentence allows him the opportunity for rehabilitation, which we hope he capitalizes on."
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