Dorreen Marquez

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    Doreen Marquez -
    -5'3 130lbs
    -Last seen on 10/27/2003 in Barelas
    Barelas a neighborhood in Albuquerque located by the zoo.
    -Grew up in Barelas
    -Lived with younger sister Julie Gonzales, but Julie asked her to leave when she found needles in her home
    -2 daughters
    -Sister claimed to have filed 3 police reports before the one that was dated in 2004
    -In October of 2008, Lorie G, friend, found out that Fred Reymolds had naked pictures of Doreen, along with some of the other girls,with the word missing on the pics. Before Lorie G. could question him further, he passed away of natural causes (jan. 2009).
    -Doreen was known to frequent truck stops. The truck stop on Menaul & University (I-25 and 1-40 intersect by here) was specifically mentioned on her missing flier.
    -Heroin was drug of choice.
    -Knew Victoria Chavez
    -Frequented war zone
    -Family and friends searched for her from the time she went missing (posted fliers, went to police, etc.)
    -Arrests for drugs and shoplifting
    -No arrests for prostitution
    -According to APD was a known prostitute
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    Wow, its very creepy how there is more than one really good poi. Pictures of her and others naked? With "Missing" on them? Good Lord, remind me to stay out of Albuquerque...too many freaks there for me...
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    Dorreen Marquez

    Victim: Doreen Marquez Suspect: Unknown
    Location: 118th Street SW, Albuquerque, New Mexico

    Synopsis: Sometime between 2003 and 2005 an unknown person killed 24 year old Doreen Marquez and buried her in a mesa located adjacent to 118th Street SW in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
    Please call the 118th Street Task Force at 1-877-765-8273, (505) 768-2450 or Crime Stoppers at (505) 843-STOP with any information you may have concerning this crime. You may also email information to Detective Mark Manary at

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