Dream Team FBI Task Force for LISK

Discussion in 'LISK Unidentified Victims' started by MarkTwang, Jan 19, 2019.

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    I picked an FBI dream team task force for LISK. Ahhem, these special agents should be the leaders of the task force. I bet you they could sort this out in no time.

    I picked these special agents out of different field offices because they have the skills necessary to understand the different elements going on in these murders, racketeering, drugs, prostitution, gangs and the weird doctor angel...they're perfect because
    they aren't going to be easily influenced by any corruption going on that has stalled the case in past because they are from different places.

    The goal here is being as unbiased and fair as possible.

    First up: my absolute favorite special agent:

    Supervisory Special Agent, Alfred Tribble, violent crimes against children, human trafficking.

    His wife, too. She is a special agent and forensic accountant with the FBI. I do not know her name, but she can handle investigating the paper trails.

    Theo Williams, special agent. Violent crimes against children, he works with Tribble, too.

    They are out of the Houston field office. They know how to take down traffickers and pimps and probably can handle investigating the cartel violence or gang connections associated with this case and map the paper trails.

    Joe Bonavolante, section chief, NY Field Office-- works with organized crime, racketeering and mob stuff. He knows the who, what, when, where and why of NYC organized crime and can brief everyone else on what the gang violence looked like in the area from 1996-2012.

    Dan Rodriguez, Violent Crimes and SWAT--already caught EAR which means he's not busy. Plus, he specializes in weirdo organ trafficking or underground doctor stuff. He's out of the Sacramento Field Office.
    Special Agent Dan Rodriguez

    I'd like to pull in one SA from the FBI Albuquerque field office who worked the West Mesa homicides. I have a suspicion they might be related to one another. I could be wrong but they are similar enough that I feel whoever worked that case could bring serious valuable insight into this case.

    Also, one SA in Houston who worked the Killing Fields homicides, they can come too. Same environmental elements to the dump sites, there.

    Is this not a great task force or what? When the FBI gets started again we should definitely ask them to put this dream team together.

    What do you think?

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