Driver injured by flying deer when he stops car

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    Posted on Wed, Nov. 09, 2005

    A driver, who stopped his car because he thought he had struck an animal, was bowled over and injured by the flying body of a deer hit by another vehicle in Blackhawk on Tuesday evening.

    According to the California Highway Patrol, Robert Brooks of Modesto was driving on Blackhawk Road just north of Oakridge Lane at about 6 p.m. when a deer jumped out in front of his vehicle.

    Brooks thought he hit the deer, stopped his car and got out to check for damage, said CHP Officer Steve Creel. His car was undamaged.

    As Brooks was checking the front of his car, a vehicle driving in the opposite direction did hit a deer. The force of the collision sent the animal flying. The deer's body hit Brooks in the legs and broke his right ankle, Creel said.

    Brooks was taken to ValleyCare Medical Center in Pleasanton for treatment. The deer died at the scene. more at link:
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