Driver Shoots At Deputy, Rams Cruiser, Police Say

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    A driver fired an assault rifle at a sheriff's deputy and then rammed the deputy's cruiser with his pickup truck on a rural road overnight, News 5's Candice Hunter reported.

    The pickup driver, Willard Morrison, had traces of meth, cocaine and alcohol in his system, the Adams County Sheriff's Office said. He suffered a broken neck.

    The deputy, Sgt. Rex Branham, is in serious condition. He underwent surgery at University Hospital Tuesday morning.

    The impact crushed Branham's cruiser and knocked it off the road.

    This one is hitting me pretty hard. I have ties to this county. The county is rural, the kind of county where the biggest crime is usually theft. Now it is becoming drugs. I know the officer- he went to the same school I did. An assault rifle was used. In this "safe" county.
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