Driver whisks 6 students off N.C. bus before it bursts into flames

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    (CNN) -- After noticing smoke seeping inside, a North Carolina bus driver rushed six elementary school children off her vehicle moments before it burst into flames.

    The incident occurred Wednesday afternoon as Lindora Richardson was driving the children home from Chantilly Montessori Elementary School, a public school in Charlotte, school district spokeswoman Tahira Stalberte said.

    "We are very proud of her and for her following proper procedures," said Stalberte, speaking on behalf of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, on Thursday. "It could have taken a very different turn had she not done her job correctly."

    There are no injuries related to the incident, Stalberte said.

    While describing Richardson as modest, the school district spokeswoman said that she deserves praise -- and she'll get some next week, when she is honored by the Charlotte Fire Department.

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    I saw an interview with Ms. Richardson on TV the other day and was very impressed with her. She is certainly a very sharp young woman to have realized the danger and saved those kids and herself just in time. I applaud her!
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    Nice to see a hero for a change, and not a person who jumped ship to save
    their own hide.

    So happy to read good news. Amen for the children and this hero.

    Good thinking and happy this woman was on the job and alert.


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