Drug Pedaler (literally)

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    It was a terribly low-tech version of drug trafficking.

    Dwayne Earl Anthony Etzel was arrested on drug possession charges after a police officer caught sight of him pedaling on a bicycle with three uprooted marijuana plants under his arm. [​IMG]

    Police spotted Etzel, 18, cycling in the early evening Monday with what they described as a "big smile" on his face. It was 5:40 p.m. and still light out.

    "I see this guy riding up the street with what looked like a big old bush under his arm," said Eugene Narcotics Detective Scott Vinje. "It didn't click right away that it was marijuana. Then I smelled it."

    He pulled up alongside the bicyclist, showed him a badge and ordered him to stop.

    When police tried to stop him, Etzel allegedly threw the marijuana plants at the officer's car and pedaled off. After catching up with him, the officer used pepper spray to get the cyclist under control.

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