'Drunk' Accused Of Taking Plane For Joyride

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    A young man who stole a plane and took a joyride in the night sky over France then slipped from the grasp of police has been found and detained for questioning, police said. Despite strict anti-terrorism measures at airports all over the country, a young man in a "visible state of drunkenness" broke into an airport terminal in Coulommiers, east of Paris, at about 2 a.m. Wednesday and took a single-engine aircraft for a joyride.

    He was detected by a French Air Force center after some 30 minutes in the sky, then signaled by radio that he had a fuel problem, police officials said.

    A helicopter was sent up to escort the young pilot to Charles de Gaulle Airport, the main Paris-area airport north of the capital. There, he was immediately detained by airport personnel -- before managing to flee, police said.

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