Duct tape???

Discussion in 'JonBenet Ramsey' started by Toltec, Aug 22, 2007.

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    12 TOM HANEY: 381.

    13 TRIP DEMUTH: Take this out.

    14 PATSY RAMSEY: Junk drawer. (Inaudible).

    15 Golf ball it looks like to me. Tape. (Inaudible),

    16 maybe. Junk.

    17 TOM HANEY: Another --

    18 PATSY RAMSEY: Pen in the junk drawer. Can't

    19 tell where it is, either in the kitchen or in the bar

    20 area.

    21 TRIP DEMUTH: Do you know who that tape would

    22 belong to?

    23 PATSY RAMSEY: No, I don't. (Inaudible).

    24 John would know better than me. I never used it. I

    25 always used the clear stuff.

    As you all recall, Patsy was asked if she ever purchased or used duct tape. She said no because it was too gooey, she bought the clear type. I caught another question asked to Patsy about a drawer with tape in it. Could it have been duct tape?
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    Patsy has obviously been briefed to deny any knowledge of anything that may be connected to the crime-scene. I like how she says I always used the clear stuff. On every occassion Patsy, what a good memory you have.

    It must be duct tape, or scotch-tape, since Patsy contrasts its appearance with cellotape?

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    Yet, she bought (presumably) duct tape along with the cord, at a local hardware store. I am amused by PR's feining ignorance of even what "the clear stuff" is called! And even though I have no use for duct tape myself, I certainly have it in my house and know what it is and where it is kept. If shown a photo of it, I'd say "Yep- that's our duct tape". But then, I've never used mine to tape the mouth of an already- dead person in my basement. An innocent person has no need to "distance" themselves from anything in their own home. Like the pineapple, bowl, spoon, kleenex, flashlight, etc.
  5. Toltec

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    You are so correct.

    I believe what LE found in the wet-bar area was a roll of duct tape. WINDEX

    I also found out while reading Patsy's deposition that the picture's taken in the hallway where there are differences in Ramsey's roll of film and LE's roll of film is this:

    The contents of the hallway table.

    16 TOM HANEY: And the next photo is marked

    17 120TET8.

    18 PATSY RAMSEY: Are we looking for anything

    19 special here?

    20 TOM HANEY: Do you see anything unusual in

    21 there?

    22 PATSY RAMSEY: Well, I don't know what

    23 this -- that looks like cleaning fluid or Windex

    24 or something, I don't know what that would be

    25 doing sitting down there.


    1 TOM HANEY: Uh-huh (yes).

    2 PATSY RAMSEY: That's strange. I can't

    3 tell what that is.

    4 TRIP DeMUTH: It's a red object under the

    5 table?

    6 PATSY RAMSEY: Yeah.

    7 TRIP DeMUTH: Okay.

    8 PATSY RAMSEY: There's -- looks like that

    9 scarf that we've seen previously.

    10 TRIP DeMUTH: Okay. Black and red scarf on

    11 the bar.

    12 PATSY RAMSEY: Right.

    13 TRIP DeMUTH: Looks like it -- where does

    14 it look like it is in this photo?

    15 PATSY RAMSEY: What, the scarf?

    16 TRIP DeMUTH: Uh-huh (yes).

    17 PATSY RAMSEY: Hanging on, hanging on the

    18 little ledge there by the bar. Is that where it

    19 was on the other one?

    20 TRIP DeMUTH: The other photo we looked at

    21 it was on the bar itself.

    22 PATSY RAMSEY: It was on the bar. This

    23 just looks strange to me.

    24 TRIP DeMUTH: Cleaning?

    25 PATSY RAMSEY: Cleaning, Windex or whatever


    1 that is.

    2 TRIP DeMUTH: Underneath the table?

    3 PATSY RAMSEY: (Inaudible.) I mean, I just

    4 don't know why it would be there. It would

    5 either be in the cleaning closet or under the

    6 kitchen sink or somewhere (inaudible).

    7 TOM HANEY: On the top of the file of

    8 books --

    9 PATSY RAMSEY: Right.

    10 TOM HANEY: -- on the table there?

    11 PATSY RAMSEY: Right.

    12 TOM HANEY: And I think you identified the

    13 book --

    14 PATSY RAMSEY: Right.

    15 TOM HANEY: -- yesterday as one that was a

    16 gift.

    17 PATSY RAMSEY: Right, from Priscilla.

    18 That's another one of those legal pads.

    19 TOM HANEY: Right.

    20 PATSY RAMSEY: Is that a (inaudible)

    21 picture?

    22 TOM HANEY: No.

    23 PATSY RAMSEY: No.

    24 TOM HANEY: But this photo was not taken

    25 after, this was on, it's a --


    1 PATSY RAMSEY: Right, right.

    2 TRIP DeMUTH: -- similar photo to this one

    3 here, but we're minus that.

    4 PATSY RAMSEY: Right.

    5 TOM HANEY: And probably minus the cleaning

    6 fluid and we have some bags here.

    7 PATSY RAMSEY: Uh-huh (yes).

    8 TOM HANEY: And that's photo 52 that we're

    9 comparing it to.

    10 PATSY RAMSEY: Is that cleaning stuff over

    11 there?

    12 TOM HANEY: Hard to see. It could be the

    13 same, but I'm not sure. Okay.

    14 That photo 52 was taken by the police.

    15 PATSY RAMSEY: Yeah.

    16 TOM HANEY: Well, this photo 12OTET8 was on

    17 your roll of file in your camera. And on the

    18 same roll is the next photo, a Christmas morning

    19 photo of the kids.

    20 PATSY RAMSEY: Uh-huh (yes). Oh, God.

    21 TOM HANEY: Before we, before we talk too

    22 much about the next photo, if you can --

    23 TRIP DeMUTH: You want to just take that

    24 out for a minute?

    25 TOM HANEY: Let's talk still about the


    1 120TET. Like I say, this was on your role of

    2 film and it's not exactly the same photograph

    3 that was taken by the police.

    4 PATSY RAMSEY: Uh-huh (yes).

    5 TOM HANEY: But it's, it's, it shows --

    6 PATSY RAMSEY: Yeah.

    7 TOM HANEY: -- pretty much, I guess, or can

    8 you tell me when that would have been taken?

    9 PATSY RAMSEY: I don't have a clue why

    10 anybody would take a picture like that. I don't

    11 know (inaudible). Who took the picture?

    12 TOM HANEY: Well, it's on your roll --

    13 PATSY RAMSEY: It's on my --

    14 TOM HANEY: -- of film on your camera.

    15 PATSY RAMSEY: I don't know.

    16 TOM HANEY: And this legal pad that you --

    17 PATSY RAMSEY: Right.

    18 TOM HANEY: -- identified --

    19 PATSY RAMSEY: Right.

    20 TOM HANEY: -- do you know when that would

    21 have been in that position?

    22 PATSY RAMSEY: No. So this, this was taken

    23 before photo one was?

    24 TOM HANEY: Before the police photos.

    25 PATSY RAMSEY: Yeah, okay. I don't know


    1 when this was taken, or why it was taken. I

    2 mean, it's nothing.
  6. UKGuy

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    Interesting find, does this mean the windex, legal pad were in the Ramsey photo but not in the police photo, also what is the status of the duct tape, was it seen in the Ramsey photo, and would it match the tape used on Jonbenet?

  7. Toltec

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    I'm not sure...we do not have the police photos showing the bottle of windex.

    Can the flashlight be tested for Windex?
  8. UKGuy

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    Of course if can, maybe not now so long after the fact, but it was subjected to forensic testing, remember John said he never recognized it, due to the residue left by testing.

    Just wonder if the windex was used on either the draft ransom note(s) or the actual one found by Patsy?

  9. DeeDee249

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    Good thought! And probably correct. I am sure that flashlight is rotting in an evidence locker at the Boukder DA's office. Along with the pineapple spoon, water glass, tea bag etc. And no one will ever look at it again. *sigh*

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