Easter robber steals a nest egg: $90,000 in cash

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    When bank failures struck during the Great Depression, Tony Beuning's grandfather went to withdraw $19,000 from a bank but was told, "You don't have any money here," Beuning said.

    One Depression lesson: That doesn't happen if you keep your money at home.

    "Young people don't understand," Beuning said on Monday. "People who lived through the Depression do."

    But Beuning, 80 -- who lived through the Depression and who was wounded twice and taken prisoner during World War II -- now is learning a new lesson about keeping money at home.

    On Easter Sunday, as much as $90,000 in cash was stolen from his home.

    He and his wife, Alvina, live near Avon, which is just west of St. Cloud. They had been to church, gone to a son's home for dinner and returned to find their house ransacked, he said.

    His wife "got so upset she fell and broke her hip." She had surgery last week in a Little Falls hospital.

    The Stearns County Sheriff's Office is investigating the case, which also involved the theft of three handguns. There are some leads.

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