WI Eau Claire Dehmler Park Animal Mutilation Case

Discussion in 'Cold Cases' started by Paranoble, Feb 23, 2019.

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    (Unsure where to post this thread, I'm not even sure this counts as a cold case, its still open but there haven't been any good leads.)

    I had a theory I wanted to share. So a year or 2 ago, a box was found in Dehmler Park in Eau Claire, WI containing 2 mutilated cats. A month later another box was found on March 16th containing 21 guinea pig heads.

    Authorities are utterly stumped. I believe I may have a plausible theory.

    On March 16th the FOLLOWING year, 4 students from Memorial Highschool were arrested on charges of plotting a mass shooting against their highschool. 4 freshmen aged 15 were correlating together, they had weapons and ammunition ready and their attack was scheduled to happen the day students returned from spring break.

    I believe at least one or more of these students first practiced killing small animals a year before the planned attack. They had to know beforehand whether or not they could even pull the trigger on an innocent human being without freezing or locking up so they practiced on cute innocent cats and guinea pigs, either separately or as a group.

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