Elderly woman with walker makes sad bank robbery attempt

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    An elderly woman with a walker, but no weapon, was taken into mental protective custody Tuesday afternoon after she told tellers at Citizen's Community Bank on Flandro Drive she was there to rob the place.

    The woman said she was poor, and her gun was in hock at a pawn shop, but she was intent on committing a heist.
    "There was no money given to her at all," Pocatello Police Capt. Kirk Nelson said. "The tellers indicated at the time that they were not in fear of their lives or of being robbed."

    After informing tellers of her plans, the woman reportedly began crying and said she wanted police called. Police did not identify her.
    Nelson said the woman told police she was upset because she didn't have any money as a result of an injury.

    Nelson characterized the woman's actions as a desperate plea for help. He added she was despondent and depressed at the time of the incident.
    Results of a mental evaluation will be given to Prosecutor Mark Hiedeman, who will decide if charges will be filed.

    "It was kind of a sad deal," Nelson said. "But you've got to put yourself in the position of the tellers and customers. What if the woman was 32 instead of 62? There are female bank robbers out there, so this isn't the kind of thing we take lightly."


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