Eldorado County DA Office findings re JLD

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    El Dorado County District Attorney's Office
    Findings re Jaycee Lee Dugard Case
    August 2, 2011

    On August 25, 2009 (the day before Jaycee Lee Dugard was discovered), Phillip Garrido was considered a shining example of a reformed criminal — a man who had not committed a crime since 1976, a man who had performed so well in federal prison that he got paroled almost 40 years early, a man that had performed so well in Nevada state prison that he was released after only 11 years on a life sentence, a man that was so reformed that he never became as suspect in the 1991 abduction of Jaycee Lee Dugard, a man that had performed so well under federal parole supervision that he was terminated successfully in 1999, and a man that had never had his parole revoked by CDCR for 10 years under their supervision. Thanks to a Berkley Police Officer and UC Berkley Campus Manager, we now know all of this was a lie. Thanks to those officers we now know the psychologists, parole boards, counselors, and parole officers did not know the truth — that Phillip Garrido is a dangerous sexual predator.

    Full 162 page pdf: click here

    Comment: Iow, is this the wake-up call? That is, that society will finally realize they have been sold a bill of goods wrt rehabilitating SXOs? Otherwise put, they cannot be rehabilitated. So why spend millions of dollars pretending they can?

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