Elephant Makes Daring Escape from Zoo

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    AUCKLAND (Reuters) - An elephant briefly escaped from New Zealand's Auckland zoo on Friday after dropping a log on an electrified fence and crashing through a gate.

    Twenty-year-old Burma, one of two elephants at the zoo, was free for about half an hour, forcing some road closures during the morning commuter rush, but posed no threat to people and did no damage to any other property.

    The 2.8-tonAsian elephant, which stands about two-and-a-half meters (eight feet) tall, was found in a park behind the zoo and keepers walked her back to her enclosure to join the other elephant.

    "When the keepers found her she vocally responded -- it was almost a 'thank goodness you're here'," said Maria Finnegan, the zoo's director of life sciences.

    "She was a little shaken and both the girls were clearly happy to be reunited."

    Story from Yahoo News

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