Emergency! Arrest that seagull!

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    Police Scotland have tweeted a series of bizzare Emergency 999 calls they've received over the past year, to help the public differentiate between;
    An emergency requiring dialling 999
    A non-urgent police matter that requires dialling 101
    A matter that really, really should be thought twice about before calling police at all.

    Here's some of the calls they've received;

    'We received a call from a concerned mother; Her son was stopped and had his cannabis taken from him...she was requesting it back!'

    '999 caller complained about seagulls misbehaving. Wanted them charged with breach of the peace! We'll organise a lineup.'

    '999 caller at Xmas asked us, "How long does it take to cook turkey?" Tis the season to ask a chef!'



    Pic shows an unrelated incident where a seagull possibly could have faced charges. Please note though, it has never been named a BOI (bird of interest).

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