Enthusiasts mark 100th birthday of Lincoln Highway

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    OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — Some stretches of the historic coast-to-coast Lincoln Highway over the next week could look like a scene straight out of an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel.

    Two processions of Model Ts, Model As and other cars are setting out this weekend, making their way from New York and San Francisco to the midpoint of Kearney, Neb., to celebrate the 100th year of the Lincoln Highway, considered to be the nation's first transcontinental highway.

    "The Lincoln Highway started it all for the automobile," said Paul Gilger, president of the California chapter of The Lincoln Highway Association, who is leading the tour from San Francisco. "Before that, people traveling outside of their town did so on a train.".......

    Organizers are expecting some 300 cars and more than 5,000 people — some from Russia, Germany and England — for the celebration, Lincoln Highway Centennial co-chairwoman Sarah Focke said.........

    Many stretches of the road still remain in parts of Nebraska, Iowa and other states. A few areas remain much as they did 100 years ago, such as unpaved stretches in the Utah desert, Gilger said.

    "There's no telephone poles; there's no cellphone service; there are no signs," he said. "You really feel what it must have been like to come across the country in 1913.........more at link....
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