Ex (and dead) Romanian Dictator and his wife, exhumed.

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    Pretty interesting ---


    Snippet: ""I never thought this would happen," said Ioan Mirichi, 81, a former engineer visiting a family grave early Wednesday. "I didn't believe the rumors he wasn't buried here ... but I suppose the family must decide."

    Conspiracy theories have ranged from the graves being empty to the Ceausescus' bodies being spirited off by supporters and replaced in their coffins by anonymous victims of Europe's bloodiest anti-communist revolt."
    /end snip

    As a child, I lived in Romania for 3 years. My dad worked at the American Embassy. I know my nanny, Gica and her friend Anni, if they are still alive, is cheering on this day. The people desperately NEED to know for sure, that this monster is dead, buried and GONE.
    what a monster that guy was.
    May he rot in hell.
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