WA Facebook for UID Female; Suicide in Seattle Hotel Oct '96; Alias: "Mary Anderson"

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    There is a Facebook page for the case of the UID female found deceased in a Seattle hotel in 1996. This page is intended to provide more exposure of the case to the public and to her possible identity. Please share this Facebook page with others. Thank you!

    Summary of Details:

    This Unidentified Female was found deceased in Seattle in October 1996. She had committed suicide by drinking cyanide mixed with Metamucil. No one has come forward to identify her. Nor has there been any national missing person reports matching her description. She is known by the alias she left behind: "Mary Anderson."

    Facebook: The Case of Mary Anderson

    WA WA - Seattle, WhtFem 159UFWA, 33-45, Suicide in Hotel -Alias: "Mary Anderson", Oct'96 - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community
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