Fake Jim Carrey fools prestigious Czech film awards

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    Organizers of the Česky Lev (Czech Lion) film awards in Prague were thrilled when Jim Carrey told them he was going to attend the ceremony in Prague, held the night before the Hollywood Oscars.

    'Suited and booted and bearing only a passing resemblance to the Canadian actor, the hoaxer managed to fool officials into allowing him on to stage at the Česky Lev (Czech Lion) awards in Prague, where he was showered in confetti.'...

    Even when people began pointing out the mistake, organizers continued to insist it was the actor. In fact, it was a hoaxer named Hari Zinhasovic.They now concede they were fooled. Carrey himself was at home on his sofa eating chips, according to his tweet shown in the article. There's photos of the real and fake Jim Carrey at the link.

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