Family Members Go To Extreme Lengths Searching For Dog

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    Lilly, a Shar-Pei, has been missing since Dec. 10.

    The Mees family knows some people think they're crazy or that they should give up hope. But when a loved one goes missing, no effort is too small. Or too big.

    Lilly disappeared Dec. 10. Since then, the Palo Alto couple have offered a $5,000 reward, printed more than 60,000 fliers and run advertisements in seven newspapers and three movie theaters. They have hired a consultant, heard -- in a roundabout way -- from a psychic, and have spent $7,000 to search for Lilly over a 52-mile radius. There have been leads in Pacifica, in Boulder Creek, in Petaluma. Each call sends them scrambling, but so far no Lilly.

    ``If it was our child, it would be the same,'' said Eva Mees, 57.

    Lilly, you see, is a dog. She's a 5-year-old Shar-Pei with a skittish temperament, apricot hair and a freckle on the tip of her nose. The Meeses bought her as a pup for $3,500 to keep their other Shar-Pei, Buddha, company.

    Buddha is taking Lilly's disappearance badly. The couple say he's been depressed since Lilly-chen -- as they affectionately call her -- disappeared from the Redwood City home of the couple's son, Helmut, where she was staying while Buddha was quarantined for biting another dog. Lilly dug under the fence and fled. She was last seen Dec. 11 in downtown Redwood City, heading south.

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    I have to say I can totally relate.. if one of my pets went missing, I would probably do whatever I could to try to get them back. Pets are like family to some people.... I totally understand!
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    Shells...we are either both nuts or we are blessed but I too can relate...even when I call home I talk to our "Artie"...(thankfully I can say I talk to my children first!) haha but he is like my third child. We originally got him for my little boy Drew, 10, who has special needs (Williams Syndrome) and we felt it would be a good companion for him plus a responsibility for him to learn and take care of...but little did we know that he would steal the heart of all of us! They are better than any medicine or counselling in my opinion (not that those aren't effective either!).


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