Family wins $10M settlement from killer :)

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    Family of Demarest woman slain decades ago wins $10M settlement from killer
    The family of a Demarest woman who was raped and strangled 35 years ago has won a $10 million settlement from her murderer — who inherited a fortune while serving a life sentence — and plans to donate the money to a college scholarship fund.

    Robert Reldan, who was also convicted of killing a woman from Haworth, has been behind bars since the 1980s for the murder of 22-year-old Susan Reeve.
    The Reeve family sued him for damages in 2008, when they learned that his aunt had left him millions in inheritance, despite the fact that he was convicted years earlier of conspiring to kill her.
    “I think the outcome is very gratifying,” Reeve’s father, Arthur, said Thursday. “My primary objective was to keep Reldan from getting that money.”
    He said Reeve’s estate will donate all the money to Hollins University in Virginia, where Susan Reeve graduated five months before she was murdered. The family set up a scholarship fund in her name years ago at the university.

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