Father whose son urinated in a Tops bakery says 'he couldn't hold it'

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    okay.... but did he wash his hands afterwards?


    CLEVELAND -- City health inspectors are giving a Cleveland Tops supermarket a clean bill of health after the store tossed out hundreds of pounds of baked goods that could have been contaminated by the store's bakery manager.

    But it's still not known why the head baker relieved himself inside the bakery shop and put the safety of customers in jeopardy.

    Thomas Toddy Sr. admits his son, the bakery manager at the Lee Harvard Tops store, made a silly mistake when he urinated right inside the bakery shop. But he says his son is no criminal and no threat to the public's health.

    "There was not something where you can say, 'I'm going to do this in the flour,'" said Toddy. "He did not do this maliciously."

    "He just had a strong urge to urinate and he couldn't hold it and rather than wet his pants, he just went into the cooler with a can and he did it in the can and he dumped the can outside the coolers," said Toddy. "But he would never do that. He would never jeopardize anybody's health or any food."

    The mayor's office says the case has been turned over to the safety department for review. The safety director is still deciding if the case merits further investigation.

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    LOL! This is a crock. He could have peed on the floor or something :p

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