TN Felicia Lachell Clark (20) - Memphis TN, 1991

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    Felicia Lachell Clark

    Endangered Missing from Memphis, Tennessee since October 25, 1991

    Age: 20 -- Height: 4'9" -- Weight: 130-140 lbs -- Hair Color: Brown -- Eye Color: Brown

    Felicia wears prescription eyeglasses, but did not have them with her when she went missing. She has a mole on her right breast. Her ears are pierced.

    Felicia was last seen in Memphis, Tennessee during the early evening hours of October 25, 1991. When her mother returned home at 6:00 pm, she noticed that Felicia was not home, even though she had prepared her clothes for her part-time job which started at 10:00 pm. She usually left for work at 9:15 pm, and when that time passed, Felicia's mother felt that something was not right. It was not like her daughter to not call home if she was going to be out. Felicia and her mother talked five times or more everyday.

    Felicia was a full-time student at LeMoyne-Owen College. Nothing was missing from the home, her clothes, check book, last uncashed paycheck, jewelry, and prescription glasses. The clothes that she was to wear to work that night were on the chair in her room. Felicia had purchased a vehicle on September 10, 1991, the month before her disappearance. Her vehicle was found abandoned two weeks after her disappearance. She has never been heard from again.

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