Fellow diner files police report over Brithday stripper at another table

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    A bra-and-G-string-clad Ms. Malibu helped Birmingham City Commissioner Tom McDaniel celebrate his 65th birthday Friday with a striptease and a Wam-Bam Birthday Message Gram in a popular restaurant kitty-corner from Birmingham City Hall and the police department.

    But not everyone at the upscale 220 E. Merrill restaurant appreciated the early evening show, in which the stripper, described by her employer as "a living Barbie doll," performed to two songs, stripping down to a bra and G-string panties. Tony Hassan, owner of Erotic Image Inc. in Lathrup Village, which employs Ms. Malibu, confirmed that McDaniel's wife, Susan, hired the stripper for $110.

    One patron, Birmingham resident Mike Whiting, filed a police report, alleging that the stripper, identified by police as Tamara Lyn Thomas, was performing lap dances, lifting up her denim skirt to reveal no underwear and exposing her groin. Reached Monday, Whiting, an attorney, would not confirm the details of the report and declined to comment until he "sees what the city's going to do about it, if anything."

    "I will at the right time, but I'm going to wait to be contacted by the city," said Whiting, who was dining with his wife but left after contacting police, who arrived at the restaurant around 7:30 p.m.

    The report said Whiting was very offended and tried to talk to the restaurant management but "they did not seem interested."

    McDaniel, who was elected in November, said at Monday's Birmingham City Commission meeting that the performance "certainly was not appropriate for both the situation and the venue."

    He said his wife had wanted to do something special for his 65th birthday, and the performer "assured her she would do a tasteful striptease down to her bikini."

    He said his wife cleared the performance with the restaurant's management ahead of time and "that plan went badly awry. It was a faux pas unbefitting of a community leader. We regret the embarrassment that may have been caused."

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