Final chapter of 45-year romantic adventure

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    I hope it's okay to put this story here.

    Husband and wife die of heart attacks within 15 minutes of each other

    March 18, 2014 Sun Sentinel
    In more than four decades of married life, Tom Shirley, a former state game warden, explored the Everglades — and more distant locales — with his wife Naomi at his side.

    Saturday, the couple embarked on their final adventure together. They died separately at the same hospital, 15 minutes apart, unknown to each other.

    Tom Shirley, 83, was taken to the Cleveland Clinic with heart problems Saturday afternoon. Naomi Shirley, 75, had a heart attack on the way to see him at the hospital.

    "Dad didn't know that she had passed, and she didn't know that he had passed," Troy Shirley said. "I don't understand it, but it's beautiful."

    "It must have been such a surprise to him to get to the other side and see her waiting for him."
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    Oh that gives me chills! My grandparents died within 6 months of each other, my grandfather first. One day I said to my grandmother, "I miss Grampa," and she replied, "well, he should be here to get me soon because I just saw him yesterday." Grandma died three days later.

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