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    Frantic Mom Gives Birth In Bathroom With 911 Help
    Impromptu Delivery Takes About Five Minutes

    POSTED: 11:18 am EST February 17, 2005
    UPDATED: 11:54 am EST February 17, 2005

    CINCINNATI -- A frantic mother gave birth on the bathroom floor of her home with the help of a 911 operator.

    When Kristina Loveless woke up with contractions, she thought she had plenty of time, News 5's Sheree Paolello reported.

    But by the time she got to her bathroom, the baby was ready.

    "As I was pulling down my pants, she was coming out," Kristina Loveless said.

    "She said, 'It's coming out. It's coming out!' And kind of screaming frantic," said the baby's father, Tim O' Leary.

    O'Leary called 911:

    Dispatcher: "9-1-1 emergency"

    Father: "I need a paramedic. My girlfriend's going into labor."

    Dispatcher: "OK"

    Father: "No. The baby's done out!"

    Dispatcher: "OK. Just calm down. I can help you with that. "

    Dispatcher: "Is the head totally out?"

    Father: "Yes".

    Dispatcher: "OK. Check to make sure the umbilical cord isn't wrapped around the baby's neck. Can you tell?"

    Father: "Something's around her neck."

    Dispatcher: "There is something around the baby's neck?"

    Father: "Yes."

    Dispatcher: "Listen to me. Tell her to pant or take short breaths."

    Father: "Pant or take short breaths, Kristina."

    Dispatcher: "For just a moment."

    Father: "Just for a minute. Short breaths. The baby's coming out." . Dispatcher: "OK, that's what you want. Remember to cradle the baby."

    Father: "Yes, I'm holding the baby."

    The delivery took less than five minutes.

    "All I was thinking was she wasn't going to be breathing, that she was gonna die," said the mother.

    But the baby, named Mya, was fine.

    "Little angel baby. She came when she wanted to," Loveless said.

    The couple already has a 14-month-old boy.

    After this surprise delivery, they say Mya will be their last.
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    I agree: it soulds like the parents are married.

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